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Secure Your Spot: Book Desert Safari in Dubai an Unforgettable Advanture

The most popular Book Desert Safari in Dubai. It is a great value for money and has excellent reviews. However, it is very touristy and you will be surrounded by many other people.

If you want to see the sunrise over the Dubai desert and avoid dune bashing this is your best option. It also includes a trip to the Al Khayma camp for a buffet dinner.

Dune Bashing

Dubai’s deserts are a playground for adventurers. For those willing to try something more extreme, dune bashing is the way to go. It involves driving a vehicle over the dunes at high speed. This is a thrilling experience for anyone who wants to feel the rush of adrenaline.

The best way to do dune bashing is to join a tour company that offers it as part of its Book Desert Safari in Dubai package. The prices of these tours usually include round-trip transportation in an air-conditioned vehicle. You can also choose to upgrade your ticket and add a dune buggy ride to your package.

Before you embark on a dune-bashing trip, it’s important to make sure you have the necessary supplies. It’s a good idea to bring plenty of water and sunscreen. Also, wear comfortable clothing and sandals or house slippers. Sand can easily get into shoes and socks, which can be uncomfortable. Also, don’t forget to bring a camera, so you can capture the incredible views of the desert. In addition, remember to carry some medicine for motion sickness.

Camel Riding

Unlike their equine cousins, camels are not built for humans to sit on. This is why a lot of people have a repulsion to this activity and opt not to do it. They worry about the welfare of the animals that are being ridden and the way they get treated. It’s a valid concern, and the likes of PETA have been bringing it to the public’s attention, showing photos and videos of cruel animal handling.

But not everyone is against this, and many responsible tour companies will offer this activity to their customers as a unique desert experience. This is especially true when you travel with Bedouin guides who have a long-standing relationship with their herds.

It is not comfortable to ride a camel, but it is a fun activity that allows you to experience a part of the local culture excitingly. One tip is to cross your legs rather than straddling it, as this better distributes weight over the humps and makes it easier for you to sway with the movement of the camel.

Quad Biking

Quad biking is a popular outdoor activity that can be enjoyed by the entire family. It allows kids to explore nature and gain a deeper appreciation for their environment. It also helps them improve their physical fitness, as it requires strength and balance. Quad biking can be a great way to bond with siblings and friends.

Quad bikes are four-wheeled motor vehicles that can be ridden astride like a motorcycle. They are used for recreation and work, such as crossing dunes and transporting materials across farms. They can also be driven on roads and trails. They are available in various models, including those with removable seats and steering wheels.

A quad bike tour is a thrilling way to experience Cape Town’s natural beauty. From rugged mountains to picturesque coastline, the city offers a wide range of scenic routes that are ideal for quad biking enthusiasts. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a first-time rider, you’ll enjoy the rush and excitement of driving one of these exciting vehicles. Moreover, the tours are fun and safe, making them an excellent choice for families with children.

BBQ Dinner

The final activity in almost all Book Desert Safari in Dubai tours is a BBQ dinner at the Bedouin camp. This is a tasty buffet that’s suitable for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike, and it’s the perfect way to end your tour and prepare for a long night back in the city.

This is the most popular tour in Dubai, with thousands of glowing reviews online. It’s the best option if you want to experience all of the classic desert activities. You’ll get picked up from your hotel and taken out to the desert, where you’ll enjoy a spot of dune bashing before going sandboarding and riding a camel.

The tour also includes a Tanoura performance and belly dancing at the Al Khayma desert camp. The shorter 5-hour option skips the dinner and focuses on the dune bashing and dune buggy ride. If you’re short on time, this is the one to book.

Bedouin Tent

Immerse yourself in the ultimate cultural experience as you discover the desert life of our nomadic ancestors. During this hands-on tour, learn about the Bedouin way of living at a traditional camp as you listen to authentic storytelling and interact with a Saluki dog and falcon.

In the harsh desert environment, adequate and adaptable shelter is vital. The Bedouins developed large tents that were easy to erect and dismantle. They used strips of tightly woven camel and goat hair to construct the long tents, known as best al share or ‘hair houses’. The tents were warm in the cold and cool in the hot and their shape encouraged natural ventilation. Book your trip at HolidayDesertSafari.

During this glamping experience, you’ll stay in your private two-person tent that comes pre-erected and with bedding included. Once you’re settled in, relax around the campfire and watch a dramatic desert sunset as you take part in traditional entertainment activities and enjoy stargazing. Enjoy a mouth-watering dinner and local dessert as you soak up the ambiance of the campsite. Then, as the lights go down, savor an Arabian-inspired evening with drinks and entertainment.