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Simplified: Key Features Of the Airbnb Clone App

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Technology has solved a long-term issue in the vocational industry with its simple and impactful tools. People rush to find a good stay during vacation or unplanned time. The case is different now with the Airbnb clone.

It seamlessly connects renters with potential customers, performing better than hotel accommodation.

It is possible only with the right features that make it navigable, a high monetizing yielding platform, and more.

Are you interested to know the important features of it? In this article, we will find out about it. Let’s get in!

Benefits Of Airbnb Clone App

Understanding The Airbnb Clone Market

  • The hotel booking software’s market size was $20 billion last year. It will be USD 25.3 billion with a CAGR of 6.2% by 2029.
  • In the wide competitive market, Airbnb shines bright among others. The total value of Airbnb is 150 million globally, and it has over 1.5 billion stays so far.
  • Airbnb generated more than 9.92 billion U.S. dollars in 2023. The revenue rate of it from last year to now is 8.4 billion. It is an incredibly high number, and it will be higher in the future.

Now let’s jump into the pain point!

Guest Interface

User Features Of Makent-Airbnb Clone

User Registration

Creating an account and logging in to Makent is simple. You can sign up or log in using your Facebook, Google, Apple ID, or email address. This makes it quick and easy to get started.

Multiple Booking Option

Guests have several ways to book their stay. They can:

  • Request a Booking: Ask the host if they can stay on specific dates.
  • Instant Booking: Book immediately without waiting for host approval.
  • Contact Host: Message the host directly to ask questions or make special arrangements.

Wishlist Option

A wishlist option is kind of like saving your favorite spots for later, just like bookmarking a webpage. It’s a handy feature that can help businesses sell more stuff.

Shared Room Option

The platform understands that everyone has different budgets and preferences. That’s why we provide shared room options. This means you can find listings where you’ll share a room with other guests, making it a more affordable choice for your stay.

Rating & Reviews

Airbnb clone script lets users check out reviews and ratings from past guests. This info is super helpful because it helps users decide if they want to book a place. They can see what others liked about the property, its perks, and how nice the host was, all before they make a booking.

Coupon Code

Guests can save money on their stay by using more than one coupon code. This not only helps guests save money but also brings more people to the platform.

Contact To Host

Guests have the option to use the “contact host” feature to talk directly with hosts. This lets them ask about anything they need or want to know, making sure their stay is just how they like it.

Host Interface

Host Features Of Airbnb Clone Script

Earnings Dashboard

Hosts can easily see how much money they’ve made by checking their dashboards. It shows them all the important details like total earnings, how much they’ve earned so far, and any payments that are still waiting to be sent to them. It’s like a handy tool that keeps everything about their earnings in one place for quick and easy reference.

Early Bird Discount

The platform helps hosts make their listings more flexible. They can offer different discounts, like the Early Bird Discount, which rewards guests who plan and book ahead of time.

Last Min Discount

Hosts can choose to give discounts at the last minute for people who need a place to stay right away. This helps out travelers who decide to go on a trip at the spur of the moment.

Length Of Stay Discount

Hosts can decide the shortest and longest times guests can stay, giving them control to manage their schedules better.

Special Offers

When users use the “contact host” option to reach out to hosts, special offers get activated. This means hosts can create deals that are personalized just for their guests.

Admin Interface

Admin Features Of Airbnb Clone

Location Based Tax

With location-based tax, the admin can easily control how taxes are managed. They can simply turn this feature on or off, depending on whether taxation based on location is needed or not. It gives the admin the flexibility to adapt to different tax requirements depending on where their business operates.

Manage Dispute

Sometimes, hosts and guests might have disagreements that they can’t figure out on their own. That’s where the admin steps in. They have a special tool called the dispute management feature on their admin panel. With this, the admin can step in and help sort out the problem.

Share Room Option

When hosts create a listing for their property, they can choose this option. If they do, the listing won’t be blocked until all the available spaces for shared rooms are booked by guests.

Rating & Reviews

This feature is super popular for online businesses because it boosts security. By showing ratings and reviews from past guests, hosts can easily catch the eye of new guests. It’s like getting a thumbs-up from people who’ve already been there, making newcomers feel confident about choosing their spot.

Additional Features Of Airbnb Clone

So far, we have seen individual stakeholders’ features. Now let’s see the general elements that support the platform’s workability.

Addons For Airbnb Clone

Multiple-Language Support

People from all over the world can use the platform without any worries because they can find it in their language. The platform offers many language choices, so users can switch everything on the platform to their favourite language.

Multiple-Currency Support

As the audience comes from different spheres, there must be multiple currency support. Airbnb clone includes widely recognized currencies to ensure travellers have a smooth experience wherever they go.

RTL Support

The platform also uses RTL (right-to-left language ) for Arabic users, which helps the business not strain its success.

Dropbox Backup

To back up the data of users, the app uses Dropbox. Whenever they don’t need of the feature, they can switch off, and the credentials are saved here.

Tying Up,

Features play a crucial role in determining the success of a platform. User-friendliness is the secret sauce for triumph. Our Airbnb-like app development excels in this aspect with a plethora of advanced features, powered by AI assistance.

To recap, we’ve covered the major interfaces of the three key stakeholders. You can also contribute your ideas to enhance platform performance with our fully customizable options.

If you’re curious about how it all works firsthand, reach out to our experts for a demo!