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Discover the Farmtrac 60 EPI T20, a strong 50 horsepower tractor from the well-known tractor maker, Farmtrac. It has a powerful 3443 CC engine,...
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Sonalika 750 Price in India 2024

The Sonalika 750 stands firm as a dependable partner for Indian farmers, a constant supporter aiding in overcoming the hurdles of agricultural pursuits. Its effective blend of productivity and cost-effectiveness has gained the confidence and admiration of numerous cultivators throughout the country. The Sonalika 750 achieves an ideal equilibrium, acknowledging the essential interplay among power, efficiency, and affordability. Leveraging advanced fuel injection technology, this tractor ensures the optimal use of diesel, maximizing output while minimizing operational expenses to the contentment of farmers. This fuel-efficient attribute enables farmers to garner more profit from each harvest, positioning it as a valuable investment for the future. The seamless gear transmission ensures easy shifting, and the adaptable steering wheel empowers operators to discover the ideal driving position for heightened comfort.

Sonalika 750 Price is Rs. 7.45 – 7.90 Lakh* in India. Sonalika 750 transcends being merely a tractor; it is a reliable companion in the field, ready to stand steadfastly by your side as you navigate the challenges of agriculture.