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Sure-Fire Tips To Maintain Your Designer Lehenga

To preserve its value, your beautiful lehenga needs careful care. Following a few basic techniques can keep your designer lehenga looking great for years. Read and follow the designer or manufacturer’s care instructions first. Fabric, embroidery, and embellishments may need delicate handling.

Some may be hand-washed, while others need dry cleaning. Avoiding damage and color fading requires knowing the unique maintenance demands. Clean and dry your beautiful lehenga before storing it. Folding or hanging it in direct sunshine or heavy humidity can damage the colors or fabric.

 Instead, store your lehenga in a muslin or cotton bag away from sharp or heavy things that might snag or rip it. Be careful while handling and wearing a beautiful lehenga with extensive embroidery or decorations. Do not pull on the needlework as this can loosen threads or pearls.

 This can stain or harm the lehenga, so avoid spraying perfume or hairspray directly on it. Avoid spills and stains by using beauty products before wearing your lehenga. Stains and spills need immediate action. To absorb extra liquid, gently blot with a clean towel or tissue.

 Avoid touching the discoloration, which can worsen it. Use a dry cleaner that specializes in delicate fabrics and needlework if needed. Finally, regularly get your designer lehenga properly examined and maintained. To keep your lehenga in perfect condition, a qualified tailor or designer can fix loose threads or missing embellishments.

 These sure-fire ways can keep your luxury lehenga looking flawless. Remember, taking care of your lehenga extends its life and lets you enjoy its beauty for years.

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