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Discover the Farmtrac 60 EPI T20, a strong 50 horsepower tractor from the well-known tractor maker, Farmtrac. It has a powerful 3443 CC engine,...
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Swaraj 724 XM Tractor Price in India – TractorGyan

The Swaraj 724 tractor is highly esteemed by farmers due to its robust build and impressive power. Its standout feature lies in its sturdy engine, which provides the tractor with significant strength, making it capable of effortlessly handling a wide range of agricultural tasks, from plowing to heavy-duty hauling. Reliability is a cornerstone of this tractor, ensuring consistent performance under all circumstances. The Swaraj 724 is thoughtfully designed, prioritizing both durability and operator comfort. Equipped with a comfortable seat, user-friendly controls, and a well-designed cabin, it minimizes driver fatigue, enabling extended usage without discomfort. Its compact size facilitates easy maneuverability, making it ideal for navigating narrow farm lanes and tight spaces. Another noteworthy aspect of the Swaraj 724 is its versatility. Farmers have the option to customize it with a wide variety of features and attachments to meet specific farming needs. Front loaders, trailers, cultivators, and more can be added, enhancing its capabilities for diverse farming tasks. Swaraj tractors have earned a reputation for their durability and ease of maintenance. Swaraj 724 Price is between Rs. 5.05 to 5.45 lakhs*.farmers can easily access assistance and obtain necessary parts for repairs, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous productivity on the farm.