Farmtrac 60 EPI Latest Price, Tractor HP

Discover the Farmtrac 60 EPI T20, a strong 50 horsepower tractor from the well-known tractor maker, Farmtrac. It has a powerful 3443 CC engine,...
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Swaraj 960 fe Tractor 55 HP – Tractorgyan

The Swaraj 960 FE stands strong as a 60 hp tractor, featuring a 3-cylinder, 3480 CC engine capable of producing 2000 ERPM. This commanding engine adeptly takes on all demanding agricultural activities. The tractor model is outfitted with a water-cooled, 3-stage oil bath system, effectively maintaining the cleanliness and coolness of internal components. This synergistic arrangement not only elongates the tractor’s lifespan but also positions it as a stellar choice for prospective buyers. Additionally, the tractor offers an impressive amalgamation of attributes: high fuel efficiency, economical mileage, appealing aesthetics, minimal fuel consumption, and a gratifying riding experience. With its 51 PTO power, the tractor adeptly manages weighty farm implements by delivering maximum force. The Swaraj 960 FE is meticulously designed, boasting an ergonomic and spacious cabin that guarantees operator comfort during extended working hours. The controls are intuitively positioned for user-friendly access. Moreover, the tractor’s versatility is elevated by a plethora of available attachments and implements, rendering it adaptable for an array of farming duties.