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Taking Care Of Your Sex Toys: How To Clean Them

There are tons of articles on how to use your sex toys and water based lube NZ or how to enjoy them with your partner. But have you ever wondered how you should clean your sex toys? It may be the last thing on your mind when you get sex toys. But it is as important as anything else if you do not want to face any issues later. Let’s find out how you can clean your sex toys.

Why you should clean your sex toys

After you finish using a sex toy, there can be several bacteria on it. These bacteria can further result in STIs, UTIs, and other infections as well. So, you should remember to always wash out your toy after using it. Several materials like silicon or stainless steel can be quite easy to clean. They are body-friendly and highly durable as well. Other materials like Elastomer or Latex can be difficult to clean. So, if you’re using the toy with your sexual partner, remember to use a condom.

What to use for cleaning the sex toys?

You can use a toy cleaner as it can make the entire process of disinfecting the toys quite quick. Toy cleaners will not harm the material of your sex toy. Apart from this, you can also rely on a mild, unscented soap, which is antibacterial. It should not leave any residue behind. You can also disinfect sex toys made of silicon, glass, or stainless steel by keeping them in boiling water for around 10 minutes.

How to clean the sex toys?

For cleaning the sex toy purchased from an adult toy store NZ, keep the toy under warm water for some time. If you have a toy that is not waterproof, wipe it with a soapy washcloth. After that, you can spray the toy cleaner on the toy and make sure that it covers it completely. Just rinse it with some warm water to disinfect it even more and remove all the residue completely. Let it air dry before putting it back. Always store your toys in a clean and dry place so that they stay safe and ready for your next use.

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