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The 7 Iconic Sega Characters

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The 7 Iconic Sega Characters

Over the years, many famous Sega figures have been made, but these seven stand out.

Sega used to make consoles and try to compete with Nintendo’s home consoles. Nintendo won this console war even though they had a lot of great games but bad marketing and not enough great games. Because of this, Sega went back to being a publisher and left the home console market. This was very bad for the morale of most of the workers who worked there at the time.

Things got better when the company finally got its hands on a number of successful IPs. It quickly became one of the most well-known names in the video game business. This loss was a big deal, but Sega is having such a great time right now after it. The many well-known figures they’ve given gamers is proof enough of this!