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The ABCs of Social Media for Book PR

Today, it would be hard to imagine a book marketing campaign that did not include a social media element. If there were one, it would be an anomaly. Therefore, authors must take social media seriously and post accordingly to attract followers and promote their books. Experience has shown that the best approach is to develop a following long before your publication date. Most platforms’ algorithms allow a steady development of followers and rarely reward someone with overnight success. It’s also valuable to keep your followers engaged by posting frequently enough.

For some writers who are extroverts and outgoing, it’s natural to understand what works well as a post. But not everyone has the knack. Start early and see what works best for you if you’re unsure what to post. It’s also informative to follow other author’s social media accounts and see what they post for their followers. You need to be unique and original with yours, but you can be inspired by what you see others in your genre do successfully. Posting several times a week but not more than once daily works for many people. Occasionally, you may post more often, but avoid too many posts.

Marketing success today is increasingly about cross-promotion, and you’ll want to plug your social media on your website, blog, and podcasts – and vice versa. The live streaming options on some platforms also open possibilities. They allow virtual events for fans and others, which can become especially helpful at book launch time. Since the coronavirus pandemic, the use of live streaming as a means of virtual touring has increased significantly. It’s also a great way to reach fans and followers globally. Your social event can be far-reaching and build a buzz about your book in multiple areas, all to your advantage.

Seasoned publicists remind authors that they don’t need to be on every platform. As a rule of thumb, select two platforms and keep your accounts active. If you try to be on every platform, you’ll run out of ideas for posts and lose too much time on it. The wiser approach is to do an excellent job on two platforms and build your following steadily. It’s also wise to avoid unneeded controversy. If you alienate some groups with your posts, it may affect your book sales. Finding things that all your target readers will enjoy or find interesting is the better route. You want to retain the followers you have.

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