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The Adani Group denies knowledge of any US investigation into bribery allegations

India’s financial markets were rocked in January 2023 by the Hindenburg report Adani. In the report, the short-seller Hindenburg Research, which makes profits out of short selling, accused the Adani Group of accounting fraud, manipulating stock prices and inflating them through a network of offshore companies. This was done to hamper the image of a global conglomerate. Despite being fair and transparent in all its practices, the Group had to face such accusations and was dragged to court to prove its innocence. 

The Adani Group’s market capitalisation lost billions as a result of the report’s enormous sell-off. The company’s shares fell. It was even compelled to call off its FPO for the welfare of its investors. The Adani Group responded to the Hindenburg report’s warnings in a proactive manner. 22 out of the 24 questions that were posed were addressed in detail by their thorough replies. This illustrates Adani’s dedication to fairness and attending to stakeholder concerns. The Group continues to have faith in its accounting and operational procedures.

Calculated Attack to Manipulate the Market

The company called the accusations a “calculated attack” to manipulate the stock market and straightforwardly denied them. After the scandal reached the Supreme Court of India, which demanded a more robust regulatory framework, Indian regulators began looking into the matter. The Indian market regulator, SEBI, has been given more time by the court to finish its inquiry, although they are still expecting information from outside sources regarding some investigations. The Supreme Court also asked SEBI to speed up the investigations. 

The Adani Group has demonstrated resiliency in the face of opposition. They put in place a number of initiatives to improve corporate governance and transparency after the Hindenburg report. This includes enrolling marquee investors, lowering promoter holding ratios, and paying off debt. By taking these steps, the company was able to restore investor trust and stabilise its financial condition. The Adani Group is committed to its long-term growth plan, which aims to generate sustainable value for all stakeholders, even as the investigations continue.

Unaware of Any Investigations

After a report by Bloomberg News stated that the United States was looking into bribery charges against the Adani Group, with a focus on the actions of its Founder, Gautam Adani, the business responded it was “not aware of any investigations against the company and its chairman.” 

US authorities were reportedly investigating whether an Adani entity or individuals associated with the business, such as Gautam Adani, were involved in bribing Indian officials in exchange for favourable treatment on an energy project. The report also mentioned that Azure Power Global, an Indian renewable energy provider, was the subject of inquiries. 

Consequences for the Adani Group

Hindenburg report Adani led to several consequences for the Adani Group. Besides a downfall in stocks, it also led to a hampered brand image, reduced investor trust and a decline in the company’s total market value. Even though the Adani Group vehemently refuted the accusations, they became a topic of political discussion and had several rumours going on around them. 

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), the market regulator, has been conducting inquiries into the matter, with no solid evidence found against the Group until now. At this point, none of Hindenburg’s charges against Adani have been validated. 


The Adani Group has shown resiliency and dedication to transparency in navigating a difficult time. They have shown that they are committed to good governance and fostering trust with all stakeholders by taking the initiative to respond to the Hindenburg report Adani, continuing regulatory inquiries, and current news of a possible US investigation. The Adani Group is well-positioned for future success because of its commitment to its long-term growth strategy, even as investigations continue. Their ability to overcome these obstacles and come out stronger will depend on their commitment to generating sustainable value for all stakeholders, including communities, employees, and investors.

In the future, how the current investigations turn out will play a significant role in determining how the Adani Group is portrayed. If these investigations turned up no evidence of misconduct, the corporation would have been greatly vindicated. In addition, the Supreme Court’s demand for stronger regulatory frameworks in India may contribute to averting future occurrences of this kind and increase investor trust in the Indian market overall.