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The Best Seafood Restaurant In Maryland is Hiding At the End of Peninsula, But it’s Worth a Visit

People who live in Maryland often say that our state has some amazing hidden gem restaurants. Some of these restaurants are easy to see, while others are tucked away in more remote locations, not because of their inconspicuous signs but because of where they are situated geographically.

One such restaurant in Maryland is located at the end of a peninsula, but it’s definitely worth a visit.

Photo byskipperspier

The restaurant we’re talking about is Skipper’s Pier Restaurant & Dock Bar.

Skipper’s Pier proudly falls into this secluded category. To experience their fantastic food, you’ll need to make your way to Deale, a charming small town in southern Maryland.

As any Marylander will tell you, the effort to discover the best seafood restaurants in Maryland is undoubtedly worthwhile.

You’ll need to journey all the way to the tip of the peninsula to locate this restaurant, but once you make the trip, you’ll discover it’s a genuine hidden gem! The scent of the bay wafts in and sets the stage for the delightful seafood offerings on the menu.

Photo byskipperspier

You have the option to dine indoors if you prefer, but the patio seating on the dock is the best way to fully enjoy everything that Skipper’s has to offer.


The crab dip at this restaurant is among the best you’ll find in Maryland. Loaded with cheese and flavorful crab meat, it’s a personal favorite of mine and a surefire hit with my family.

The authentic Maryland way to enjoy a seafood restaurant by the dock is to order a bushel of crabs. Skipper’s excels at this, seasoning the crabs to perfection and serving them ready for your enjoyment!

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If seafood isn’t your preference, Skipper’s also serves excellent brisket. And for dessert, don’t miss their irresistible pecan cake – fluffy, warm, and drenched in delightful pecan syrup, just like grandma used to make.

Photo bySkipper’s Pier/Facebook

Location: 6158 Drum Point Rd, Deale, MD 20751, United States

For updates on restaurant events or to make reservations for your bay adventure, be sure to follow Skipper’s Pier on Facebook.

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