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The Perfect Guide to Preventing Mould in the Bathroom

Mould can easily grow in damp and humid environments. They are quite commonly found in bathrooms. Moulds can also be present on bathroom ceilings and bathroom sinks. But if you do not tackle them in the right way using mould removal Sydney techniques, they can cause a lot of damage. They can be quite harmful for both old and new properties. So, let’s find out more about how you can prevent mould in the bathroom.


Moisture can get collected in an area where air does not flow freely. So, if your bathroom does not have a great ventilation system, it can be an ideal atmosphere for mould growth. So, you should get a good ventilation system that can help get rid of the steam of hot showers and baths. If there are no windows present in the bathroom, it can be even more important.

Leakage and damages

If you have any kind of leakages, such as a leaking tap or a broken pipe, this can let moisture enter your bathroom, and you may need mould remediation. If there is a gap in your window or wall, then also the situation can arise. So, you need to get the right mould removal solutions in any such situation.

Excess water

You should remember not to let any excess water get collected in your bathroom if you wish to reduce mould growth. Moisture can help increase mould, and so, it is important to get rid of the water using the right techniques. Do not keep your wet clothes dry in the bathroom, as this will also increase the moisture in the atmosphere of the bathroom.


When your bathroom has proper lighting and is dry at all times, it can reduce mould growth to a huge extent. So, try to let natural light enter the bathroom and avoid covering the windows with thick curtains. You can also go for a skylight if you do not want a window.


Last but not least, you should prioritize keeping your bathroom clean by regularly wiping all the bathroom surfaces and mopping your bathroom floor. Keep the toilets and cupboards sanitary at all times.

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