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The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Right Power Wheelchair


Does moving and bending knees create a lot of fuss for you? Do you have a long-time lingering medical condition related to leg joints?

If yes, then you must include a fully customized power wheelchair in your everyday life. 

If you use a wheelchair, you might need to speak with a physiotherapist or occupational therapist who can provide you with a professional evaluation and assistance in choosing the appropriate chair and seating. 

You might experience problems with your balance or your ability to tolerate prolonged standing and walking. Choosing the right power wheelchair can help you resume daily activities that were unmanageable because of these issues.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll decode the intricacies of power wheelchairs, addressing key factors and considerations that will guide you in selecting the perfect power wheelchair for your unique lifestyle.

  1. Understand The Types Of Power Chair Available

Choosing the right power wheelchair begins with understanding the types available. Are you a city dweller navigating through tight spaces, or do you yearn for off-road adventures? From mid-wheel drive for exceptional maneuverability to rear-wheel drive for outdoor enthusiasts, your lifestyle and preferences will determine the type that aligns with your mobility aspirations.

The question “How far do you need to travel during day-to-day activities?” will direct you to the size of the wheelchair chassis. 

An outdoor/indoor power wheelchair is the best option if you have to go up to 25 kilometers on a single charge because they have larger wheels, base area and battery compartment.

Jazzy Air 2.0 Power Wheelchair is one of the best outdoor/indoor power wheelchairs for sale that can run up to 4 mph maximum speed and has 12″ of power adjustable seat height. 

  1. Drive Systems

The drive system is the heartbeat of your power wheelchair. 

Do you prioritize precise control and maneuverability? Or are you seeking a smooth and stable ride? 

Then you need to understand these:

  • Front-wheel drive offers great control. Even though it doesn’t have the shortest turning radius, this drive system can turn sharp curves with ease. When riding up and down slopes, the chair provides a stable ride if the battery is placed at the back.
  • Rear-wheel drive excels in stability. It is less vulnerable to oversteering. This type is known for its directional stability. It requires extra room to turn around because of its greater turning radius.
  • Mid-wheel drive strikes a balance, making it essential to match the drive system with your mobility expectations. It does not move as well on uneven terrain as it does indoors or outdoors, but it is quite easy to maneuver on level ground. It is difficult to lift, and thus, an accessible vehicle lift is typically needed to transport the power wheelchair. Typically, these wheelchairs can support up to 600 pounds of weight.
  1. Kind Of Living Conditions

When selecting the ideal electric wheelchair, your living situation is a major consideration. Choose a chair whose features, tires, and suspension meet the needs of your environment.

For Indoor use:

  • Fit and move through hallways and rooms
  • Make 90° turns into rooms
  • Should fit under the user’s tables/desk and much more

For Outdoor Use:

  • Consider the terrain
  • Range of the chair
  • Install a porch lift
  1. Seating, Positioning & Fit For Better Comfort

Your power wheelchair should be an extension of your body, providing not just mobility but comfort. Consider the seating options available – from customizable cushions to adjustable backrests. Proper positioning ensures not just comfort but also prevents potential health issues. The fit is paramount, ensuring your power wheelchair feels like a tailored suit, made just for you.

Golden Compass HD Power Wheelchair is a prime example of a comfortable, beefier, and bigger sitting space. 

  1. Better Or Improved Controller

Think of the controller as your wand, orchestrating the magic of movement. Are you comfortable with a joystick control or prefer alternative options? The controller is your interface with the power wheelchair, and choosing the right one ensures a seamless and intuitive mobility experience. Other functions enhance the overall experience:

  • Power tilt
  • Power Recline and ELR
  • Power Standing
  • Power Seat Elevation

What Should I Do Then?

Wheelchairs can be pricey if you haven’t done your research well. There are economical choices in the market as well such as LiteRider Envy LT Power Chair which offers a good range and weight capacity. You can also explore a wide range of power wheelchairs for sale for a practical and urgent need. The user should be able to select a wheelchair that meets their requirements and budget before investing in a power wheelchair.