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The Ultimate Viking Experience at Lofotr Viking Memorial, Norway

Lots of people usually ask “Why is a Battle Guitar so great?”  I rapidly bring up the superior defensive abilities that numerous competitors simply cannot understand until they have fought against a Old Fight Guitar, or until they’ve discovered to play one efficiently themselves.  Rarely do you concern yourself with your knife becoming damaged in fight, in place of a sword, while guarding against attacks.  Well over 95% of the system has the capacity to be found in blocking sharp edged weapons, with a blade you are limited by the level of a knife or the combination guard. 

The struggle guitar did have several vulnerabilities, the wooden handle (often manufactured from difficult woods for strength) could be worn out if your player wasn’t hostile enough in their fighting style.  If they’d utilize the length to viking axes block problems against bladed tools also often, they’d eventually wittle away. Consequently several axes probably developed material straps across the haft of the weapon, only as much ancient war hammers did in later decades of war. One of the great benefits of the fight axe was (and however is) where it’s center of balance is and it’s mass.

Unlike a blade (usually healthy close to the hilt), a good axe may balance a couple of inches below the head (very ideal for the placed version of these weapons).  That permitted an strike to drive through defensive obstacles. Even nowadays fire practitioners use axes to cut through gates & surfaces (obstacles) to get to their targets.  A good fight guitar, properly cared for & sharpened before conflict, would have simply split apart timber & material shields.

Another important benefit to many axes (especially the halberd, or very large axes) would be what many call the beard.  A bearded guitar has a long position at the bottom of the blade applied to pull back in to opponents, or only to land glasses and appendages. In fact, many warriors fought for the best reason.  To keep their properties, dynamic lid & people safe!  I highly recommend that anyone thinking about understanding more about a battle guitar, acquire one that is constructed of carbon metal & from a respected source.