The Whizzard – Your Trusted Source for Fake Urine

The Whizzinator kit includes a synthetic urine pouch with heating pads, a fake penis, a temperature strip and instructions. It also has a detachable...
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The Whizzard – Your Trusted Source for Fake Urine

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The Whizzinator kit includes a synthetic urine pouch with heating pads, a fake penis, a temperature strip and instructions. It also has a detachable elastic belt and leg straps that allow for discreet wear. The device gained attention after two probationers in Tarrant County were busted using it to cheat on a drug test. The makers of the product, Puck Technology, were convicted in 2010 and their company lost its assets.

The Whizzinator is a popular product with a proven track record of helping people pass urine drug tests. However, the product is expensive and requires careful adherence to instructions to ensure optimal results. The founders of the company that sold the Whizzinator were prosecuted for conspiracy to defraud the United States government and received six months in prison and probation.

The WHIZZINATOR comes in a kit that includes dried urine, a syringe, heater packs to keep the urine at body temperature, and a false penis (available in white, tan, Latino, brown, or black). A reusable vinyl bladder holds the fake pee. The device is designed to look and smell like human urine, and it has a spout to allow the user to pour the synthetic urine into a specimen cup. The product also includes a manual that provides detailed instructions on how to use it. Moreover, the device is not suitable for supervised drug tests, which are often conducted in private bathrooms. A supervised urine test is usually conducted by a professional, and the person conducting the test will likely notice a syringe dangling from the user’s pants or underwear.

While the Whizzinator is a good option for unsupervised drug tests, there are alternatives that offer higher-quality urine, a reliable heating method, and a discreet way to conceal the device. These alternatives are available at a fraction of the cost of the WHIZZINATOR  and they also come with a 30-day money back guarantee. ALS offers a 14-day return policy for unused and undamaged products, reinforcing the importance of user responsibility when using synthetic urine.

The Whizz Kit is synthetic urine delivery system for both men and women. It features a gravity operated bladder with a release hose that is easily clamped to control urine flow. The device can be positioned in the most natural position to deliver a realistic urine stream, and you can release the sexy fluid by unclamping the hose or following the specific instructions for your model. This will usually involve squeezing the prosthetic or opening a valve. If the online users make use of this website online, they can get information about WHIZZINATOR.

This kit is refillable, so you can use it again and again. It comes with 4 oz of toxin-free premixed synthetic urine in a convenient pouch. The fluid is mixed to match the composition of natural urine, down to the specific gravity and PH levels. It also contains urea and creatinine, and is balanced for temperature, smells, and appearance.

The kit includes everything you need to start experimenting with fake pee and all of its many possibilities. You can order it online for secure checkout, fast shipping, and discreet packaging. It also comes with a flesh-tone prosthetic that moves like a real penis for added realism. This is the same prosthetic included with ALS’ other premium synthetic pee products, so you can be sure that it will work just like the others.