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Things You Should Know About Bonuses in Online Casino Games

Online casino have revolutionized the gambling industry, offering convenience, game variety, and exciting gameplay. One thing that adds to the thrill and profit potential of online gambling bandar togel is the availability and bonus of casinos. These attractive prizes play an important role in attracting and retaining players.


Understanding Bonuses


Bonuses, effectively, are online casino promotions given to players with the aim of enhancing the gaming experience and increasing the chances of winning. These bonuses come in many forms and purposes, from attracting new players to rewarding. By taking advantage of these offers, players receive additional funds, free spins, or other perks to extend their game and potentially increase their winnings.


Most of these gifts are marketing tools. When a casino gives a bonus, it expects you to create an account, make a deposit, or spend a lot of time playing its online games. That said, casinos often lose money because of bonuses. To minimize this, casinos set certain rules that bonus winners must abide by.


Different Types of Casino Bonuses


Welcome Bonus


These bonuses are designed to entice new players to join online casinos. They often include a match bonus on the initial deposit, where the casino matches a percentage of the amount deposited. For example, you sign up for a Online casinos that offers a 100% deposit match of up to $1 billion. When you deposit $1 billion, you will receive a casino bonus of $1 billion that can be used to play at the casino. The majority of these bonuses have wagering requirements.


What Are the Things You Should Know About Bonuses in Online Casino Games?


Deposit and No Deposit Bonuses


As the name suggests, deposit bonuses are allocated to players for making a certain deposit amount. The value of the bonus will be specified in the description of the casino promotion and additional terms, which also include other conditions related to the bonus, for example bonuses are only paid out on slots.


This also applies to certain games, including jackpot slots and live dealer slot thailand online games. No deposit bonuses do not require a deposit from a player. They will usually be offered immediately as a small amount of free money or free spins upon successful registration.


Free Spins Bonus


You probably already know all about free spins. These bonuses can be credited to user accounts as part of new user offers or regular campaigns. A certain number of free spins on the slot game will be added to the user’s account and each free spin will have an amount that will not be returned as part of any winnings.


Reload Bonus


This bonus is offered to players when they make their next deposit. They serve as an incentive to encourage players to continue playing at the casino. They can also be seen as a method used by casinos to target player retention in order to re-interact with those who have not played or made a deposit for a period of time.


Cash Back Bonus


A cash back bonus in a gambling game will give a player a percentage of their losses back over a certain period of the game. These bonuses will help reduce losses and give players the opportunity to recover some of their funds. But more importantly, it’s a way of building a long-term relationship with their MVP.


How to Use Expected Value in Online Casino Gaming Strategy?


There are only two possible outcomes if you decide to run:


  • Win: If the dealer flops or gets a hand value lower than yours, you win.
  • Lose: If the dealer has a higher hand value than you, you lose.


So, to calculate the expected value, multiply each outcome by its own individual probability, add it up, and then subtract the probability of losing (since this indicates a negative result.) Assume the following payout structure: +1 for a win, 0 for a push (draw) and -1 for a loss.


  • EV = (Probability of Winning × Payout to Win) + (Probability of Push × Payout to Push) + (Probability of Losing × Payout to Lose)
  • EV = (Chance of Winning × 1) + (Chance of Push × 0) + (Chance of Losing × (-1))


Now, enter the number:                                           


  • EV = (Chance of Winning × 1) + (0 × 0) + (Chance of Losing × (-1))
  • EV = (Chance of Winning – Probability of Losing)


To calculate the probability of winning, you also need to consider the probability of the dealer’s likely outcome based on their top cards (in this case, 9. By looking at strategies or using simulation tools, you can estimate that the probability of winning in this situation is about 28%. Don’t forget to reduce the house edge. Therefore, EV can be calculated as follows:


  • EV = (0.27 – 0.72)
  • EV = -0.45


The EV of hitting is negative (-0.45,) this is the thing that indicates that hitting will produce a much lower average result when compared to standing. The bottom line is that it would be much more profitable to stand up than to hit in a special situation like this.




Expected Value in Gambling


Expected value, also known as EV, is a concept that originated in the world of probability and statistics. It represents the average amount a player expects to win or lose in a bet over the long term. It tells you how much on average you expect to win or lose when repeating a particular bet. The calculation itself is quite straightforward: simply multiply the potential outcome of the bet by the probability of each and add it up.


If the result is positive, then this indicates a profitable bet. Conversely, if it gets a negative value, the bet is considered not good. For example, when playing blackjack, suppose you get cards with a total value of 16 (e.g., 10 and 6.) The dealer’s card is a 9. Now, you are faced with the decision of whether to hit or stand. You also need to consider the probabilities and outcomes associated with each possible decision to be able to calculate EV.




There is a possibility of outcome if you decide to take a hit. You can upgrade abilities or end up with the same value Online casinos. Consider the following results and their probabilities:


  • Upgrade : There are 4 aces cards and 3 cards with a value of five that can improve your abilities. So, there are a total of seven profitable cards left in the deck.
  • Bust: Cards whose value is more than 5 will cause defeat. Since there are 36 cards with a value greater than 5 (10, jack, queen and king,) the probability of failing is 36/52.
  • Same value: If you draw another card (2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9), the value of your card will remain at 16.