Thrifty Book Promotion Ideas

If you check online search statistics in the publishing world, you'll find that cheap book promotion ideas are popular. Given the number of first-time...
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Thrifty Book Promotion Ideas

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If you check online search statistics in the publishing world, you’ll find that cheap book promotion ideas are popular. Given the number of first-time authors self-publishing their work, often using print-on-demand services, you can understand why. The good news is there are many tactics you can try to cheaply and independently promote a book. But on the flip side, most successful books have enjoyed professional marketing support. You can participate in all PR categories – online, events, third-party media – as a low-cost self-promoter. But how well you do it will drive the results you can expect.

The first and most apparent cheap book promotion tactic you can try is posting to your social media accounts. However, three considerations will determine your success. The first is the size of your following. If you’re an outgoing social media star with a large and active following, you can expect some results from your posts – they may even spark book sales. The second factor is your posts and their quality. If they are entertaining or informative and people enjoy them, you’ll do better. The last significant consideration is likes and shares. Shares can increase your following and online visibility.

While it’s not classically considered a PR technique, worthwhile promotional opportunities exist with online booksellers. They provide web pages for books and authors that can be filled with content, especially helpful if it is keyword-rich. If you’re self-publishing your book, take the pages seriously and ensure they are filled with user-friendly content. One of the cardinal rules is interested people want to know more. Therefore, if you’re allotted 500 or 1,000 words, use most of the space. There’s little to be gained by being overly brief. Maximize your opportunities and sell your book to its target readers.

Launching a strong author’s website for your book release is also imperative. People will look for your site, and when it has persuasive information, it will help you sell books and grow your following. Fans and the media alike will check your site, so be sure to include information about your book(s) and your biography. It’s also good form to include your headshots in high and low-resolution formats for downloads. Attaching a blog to your website is another low-cost book promotion tactic that works if you maintain it. Authors commonly post blog articles once a week or several times a month.