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Top Experiences and Things to Do in Toronto During the Night

Toronto is the capital city of Ontario and the largest metropolis in Canada. From the landmark CN Tower to the awe-inspiring Niagara Falls, this city has great attractions that make it one of the most happening places to be, day or night.

During the day, you can head to bustling markets, museums, art galleries, and food joints. But once the sun goes down, Toronto transforms into a haven for party animals, pub crawlers, and nightlife adventure seekers. However extreme your taste is, you surely have your hands full with multiple experiences.

So here are the top things to do in Toronto during the night:

·        Laugh at a Comedy Club Toronto has a great comedy scene ranging from underground stand-ups and crowd works to original content by mainstream artists. Let your funny bones tickle by visiting a night show at a comedy club.

·        Sing Karaoke Drunken Karaoke nights with the gang are always fun, no matter where you are. So choose your favorite tracklist and head to clubs like Freezone and Echo for open karaoke nights with friends or your plus one.

·        Enjoy Jazz Jazz music lovers all have their hands full in this city. Visit the Rex Blues & Jazz Bar which has hosted legendary Jazz artists for decades. Reservoir Lounge is another jazz establishment that regularly hosts jazz music performances at night.

·        Go Sightseeing Need a pump of adrenaline at night? The city has you covered. From watching the gigantic Niagara Falls on a night boat tour to flying over the CN Tower and other landmarks at night in a helicopter, Toronto has some serious sightseeing options that you cannot witness anywhere else.

·        Party at a Nightclub  When you want to hit a luxury nightclub and party the way celebrities do in Toronto, look no further than Barcode Saturdays. Our club is the den for night creatures and party animals who lose themselves over live hip-hop and Top 40 tracks.

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