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Top WhatsApp Business Tools to Transform Your Customer Engagement in 2024

Without a question, one of the most popular communication channels in the modern day is WhatsApp Business. Our list of the top WhatsApp Business tools for 2024 will help you, as a business owner, make sure you’re utilising the platform to draw in and keep clients. 

What is the purpose of WhatsApp Business?  

For those who are unaware, WhatsApp Business is the business communication platform that the world’s most popular text messaging service, WhatsApp, created.  

In order to aid businesses in proactively providing real-time assistance to their consumers and facilitating seamless text, audio, and video engagements with them, WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API were created.  

With almost 1.5 billion active users, it’s among the greatest places to draw in new business, interact with current customers, and develop your brand.  

WhatsApp Business is not just the best platform for customer service; it’s also a great marketing tool that can help you expand your business. WhatsApp Business enables your company to: 

  • Use chatbots to increase your consumer base. 
  • Use automated messaging to interact with clients more personally. 
  • Boost the perception of your brand with rapid resolutions. 
  • Use comprehensive product/service catalogs to market your goods and services. 
  • Update broadcast lists on the newest events and deals. 

WhatsApp Business Tools: What Are They? 

A useful tool for business-to-consumer communication is the WhatsApp Business platform. Nevertheless, the platform’s native version only provides rudimentary communication capability, which could not be sufficient to meet every requirement of a particular company. For instance, implementing the WhatsApp Business API platform alone could not provide excellent benefits for e-commerce enterprises looking to reduce cart abandonment. They might need a solution like a chatbot that can provide more involvement and individualised client service. Your company will be able to streamline its marketing initiatives and improve client communication with the help of an excellent WhatsApp solution. 

Top WhatsApp Business Tools 

A list of some of the most popular WhatsApp Business tools in 2024 can be found below. With the aid of this list, you may choose which tools for WhatsApp are essential to the expansion of your company and incorporate it to enhance your workflow. These tools can be used by both SMEs and whatsapp for enterprise. 

  1. WhatsApp Commerce


Businesses can monitor and manage WhatsApp discussions across multiple devices and profiles using WebMaxy WhatsApp Commerce Shared Inbox service. This promotes better teamwork and guarantees that all of your clients’ issues are resolved smoothly. The shared inbox not only makes it possible to manage chats in a single window but may also assist your company in integrating WhatsApp talks with PipeDrive, Salesforce, and other services. 



  • Utilise a single screen to manage group and personal discussions. 
  • Chat labels and follow-up/reminder settings are both possible. 
  • Allows features for mass communications using CSV files. 


  • No Limitations found as such 


  1. No-code WhatsApp Bot by Gallabox

The greatest no-code WhatsApp chatbots available are those from Gallabox since they offer the highest level of automation and limitless customisation. The USP of the business is developing interesting and captivating multilingual bots for particular business domains and goals. Apart from providing round-the-clock automated no-code chatbot help, the company also offers an excellent no-code workspace that handles all lead generating and customer support requirements. 


  • No-code multilingual chatbots with no setup costs. 
  • Aids in the minute creation of WhatsApp chatbots. 
  • Uses its special no-code WhatsApp workspaces to provide one-stop CRM support. 


  • Businesses may need some time to fully acclimate to the benefits of this new platform. 
  • All chats are assigned to the same user if no more users are introduced. 
  • There are few options for administering and integrating WhatsApp groups. 
  1. WhatsApp Business APIs by

Businesses may fully manage client conversations using WhatsApp thanks to’s outstanding support for WhatsApp Business integration. Additionally, the platform supports WhatsApp connection with a number of popular social media, chat, and CRM platforms.WATI’s unique selling proposition is its capacity to offer tailored WhatsApp API solutions to companies in a variety of industries, such as healthcare, real estate, and e-commerce. 


  • There is no setup cost for WhatsApp Business APIs. 
  • Gives users access to interactive buttons and rich media messaging. 
  • One platform to handle WhatsApp broadcasts, WhatsApp Template messages, and customer inquiries. 


  • The message dashboard and sorting feature, according to some users, are sluggish and don’t update instantly. 
  • Because it is not included in their membership, WATI adds its own branding to the chat widget. 
  • Some features, including webhooks, are not included in the basic plan. 
  1. Bulk messages from Wapp Blaster

Leading WhatsApp marketing solution provider Wapp Blaster helps businesses with bulk messaging on WhatsApp. Businesses may construct target WhatsApp broadcast lists and send multilingual template messages with the automation platform. Its distinctive selling points are an anti-blocking algorithm for bulk WhatsApp chatting and an easy-to-use user interface. 


  • The capacity to message in multiple languages. 
  • Gives users access to interactive buttons and rich media messaging. 
  • One platform to handle WhatsApp broadcasts, template messages, and customer inquiries. 


  • There are no demographic filters or intricate reporting procedures. 
  • Unable to quickly correct typos and grammatical errors in messages that have already been sent. 
  • The bulk messaging process may take longer if you send high-quality images and videos. 
  1. Customer support widgets from Callbell

Callbell is a chat management solution provider that specialises in providing businesses with personalised WhatsApp chat widgets. The company assists companies in taking charge of client conversations by developing and integrating chat widgets into websites and other platforms. The company facilitates seamless client connections for businesses by offering WhatsApp chat management solutions. 


  • Installation of a free chat widget. 
  • Only the channels that businesses select in their plan are subject to fees from the company. 
  • The ability to carry on talks after the customer has left. 
  • Installing a widget is simple and quick. 


  • It may take some time for previous chats to load, and some may disappear entirely. 
  • Diminished capacity to deliver big files or voice communications. 
  • Absence of Google + integration 
  1. Surveys from Outside Voice

Outside Voice is a firm that uses the WhatsApp API to produce premium surveys and structured data layouts. Through WhatsApp, the startup enables businesses to create focused text, voice, and video surveys and forms. They are able to obtain far deeper and more meaningful reactions from their clients as a result. 


  • The ability to use WhatsApp to conduct video surveys. 
  • Can be rapidly and simply implemented; mobile web is not required. 
  • Compiles all replies and displays them in a single window. 


  • There are less options for CRM/social media connection because it is a survey platform. 
  • Additionally, there aren’t many options for AI automation and insight production. 
  • Due to its response-based pricing structure, small businesses may find the company to be an expensive option. 
  1. WordPress WhatsApp plugin from Userlike

Excellent WhatsApp integration chances for WordPress plugins are provided by Userlike. Businesses can quickly and simply include buttons, chatbots, forms, and other WhatsApp features into their WordPress websites by using Userlike. The business offers plugin programs tailored to each and every type of business. 


  • Helps CRM tools integrate so that there is a single communications solution. 
  • Provides help in creating chatbots that are multilingual. 
  • Offers possibilities for mobile phone use and integration. 


  • All-feature WhatsApp widgets are limited to the most expensive plan. 
  • There are few choices for advanced automation. 
  • It could take some time to get used to the UI because it is not very intuitive. 
  1. Reminders from Remindax

Remindax, as its name suggests, is a well-known reminder tool that assists individuals and organisations in keeping track of their tasks, marking due dates, and setting alerts to ensure tasks are completed on time. Remindax will assist companies in sending their clients automated warnings and reminders using WhatsApp. Additionally, businesses can easily set up several personalised reminders. 


  • Configure customised automated alerts and reminders. 
  • Superb automation support for convenient reminder sending while on the road. 
  • Support for secure texting and compliance with GDPR. 


  • Restricted chances for generating insights and analytics. 
  • There aren’t many options for making large adjustments. 
  • A few customers have complained about the poor response times from customer service. 
  1. Web chats from EazyBe

With the help of the EazyBe plugin, businesses may effortlessly conduct web conversations over WhatsApp with their consumers. Using this technology, companies may choose phone numbers and initiate chats right away with their clients. This enables companies to effectively create a tailored customer experience and establish an instant connection with their clients. 



  • Simple WhatsApp chats with just one click from your website. 
  • Facilitates communication between companies and clients without requiring the saving of mobile numbers. 
  • Simple to operate and assemble. gives out a free plan. 


  • Since it’s an extension, there aren’t many integration options. 
  • Minimal to nonexistent capacity for multilingual discourse. 
  • There are extremely few alternatives for data tracking and analytics. 

Consequences of Using Several WhatsApp Business Tools 

After reviewing a few of the most well-liked WhatsApp Business solutions and highlighting their advantages, you may feel pressured to select each one in an effort to boost your revenue. That is not recommended, though, as each tool has a certain use case, and it is ideal to select the ones that best fit your company’s needs. Selecting several WhatsApp marketing tools for business has numerous limits, which are as follows: 

  • It’s pricey – Several WhatsApp Business products need you to purchase a monthly or yearly subscription plan in order to utilize all of their features and services. It may become more costly as a result, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises. 
  • It will be counterproductive and complicated – You won’t find it simple to handle several WhatsApp Business solutions or to decide which one to use based on its individual performance. Managing issues will also become problematic because your team would need to communicate with several vendors. 
  • They might conflict with one another – Some companies have observed that there could be conflicts arising from their multi-tool integration, making it difficult to share files, manage chats, and send out broadcast messages. 
  • A major lack of innovation may exist – Numerous organisations that have tried different WhatsApp Business products have reported that this is the result of not having had the opportunity to properly prepare and analyse their business needs and requirements. This suggests that it’s possible they’re still using antiquated equipment that’s hard to update. This could impede their development and possibly produce subpar outcomes. 


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