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Torchstar Introduces Luxury Outdoor Home Lighting Collection

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EASTVALE, CA- 09/04/2024- Torchstar encourages homeowners to explore the timeless magnificence and grace of outdoor home lighting as a unique addition to their home design. Torchstar delivers homeowners with a vast choice of modern lighting solutions, letting them form a warm and inviting climate while embracing recollections from the past.  

Words from the Managing Director

Torchstar is pleased to deliver a selection of vintage light bulbs and modern lighting solutions to consumers looking to boost their home design. Our outdoor home lighting delivers a touch of nostalgia and personality to any room, making a sense of warmth and comfort that modern lighting often lacks. Torchstar delivers homeowners with high-quality LED bulbs that combine the timeless beauty of historical design with the energy efficiency and durability of modern technology. Whether you want to form a cosy atmosphere in your living room or add a bit of vintage flair to your kitchen, Torchstar has the appropriate lighting alternatives.

Words from the Marketing Team

Our marketing team is excited to introduce Torchstar’s outdoor home lighting and modern lighting solutions to customers wishing to improve their home design. Through concentrating campaigns and innovative messaging, we hope to emphasise our products’ unique features and advantages, presenting Torchstar as the first choice for families looking for elegant lighting solutions. From social media movements to influencer collaborations, we will use different methods to reach our target audience and demonstrate the versatility and elegance of our outdoor home lighting bulbs. Torchstar allows homeowners to change their living spaces into inviting getaways that represent their style and tastes.

Words from the Technical Team

Our technical team is liable for producing novel lighting solutions that fulfil the needs of today’s homeowners. From vintage-inspired LED bulbs to modern lighting fixtures, our team is dedicated to delivering goods that are visually appealing and perform well. We use Avant LED technology to ensure that our vintage light bulbs look amazing while providing long-lasting shine and energy economy. In addition, our technical experts are available to assist homeowners in selecting the appropriate lighting solutions to achieve the desired ambient and décor style.

About Torchstar

Torchstar is a prominent manufacturer of outdoor home lighting for both residential and commercial settings. This business prioritizes quality, innovation, and customer happiness and provides diverse products. It includes vintage light bulbs, LED recessed ceiling lights, and modern lighting fixtures. We provide homeowners and businesses with elegant, energy-efficient lighting solutions that improve their spaces and create memorable experiences. 

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