Translation of Traveling Documents

Do you want to travel around the world and explore different cultures? If so then you have to provide traveling documents to the embassy...
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Translation of Traveling Documents

Do you want to travel around the world and explore different cultures? If so then you have to provide traveling documents to the embassy of the foreign country in the language that they understand. Here comes the requirement for document translation services. In case, you are unable to provide documents in the language that the foreign embassy understands then it causes a delay in visa processes. Moreover, the embassy can reject your visa. 

Do you always need to Get Travel Documents Translated? 

Your travel application is not up to the mark if the documents that you are providing are in the language that the government of a foreign country does not understand. The documents must be in the official language of the foreign country in which you are applying. Document translation holds significance because the rejection and approval of your travel visa depend upon it. 

To confirm the accuracy and validity of your translated documents, you must have your traveling documents notarized. You must be wondering what is notarized translation. The translation services are called notarized when the document is signed by a notary public to ensure that the document is legal. 

Travel document translation is not required in every case. For example, if you are born in Canada and you want to apply for residency in England then it is obvious that all your documents must be in the English language. Therefore, you don’t have to get your documents translated. In this case, you can submit your documents as it is and your application will be considered valid. 

Let’s see another example, where document translation is mandatory. The person who is born in China wants to apply for a US visa or residency in the country then they have to get documents translated into English language. This is because the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services requires all the documents in English language. In this case, you have to go for certified translation services. Certified translation ensures that the translation of the document is seamless and accurate. After certified translation services, you also need to notarize the document. In this way, the embassy will not find anything in the documents that can cause visa and residency rejection. 

Important Documents that You Required When You Want to Travel Abroad 

Let’s have a look at the documents that you require for traveling adventure 

Documents that depict Identity 

If you are planning your trip then you must have documents that prove your identity. You must have your ID card, passport, and driver’s license. If you do not feel comfortable holding these documents with you then you can have copies of these. Having these documents is very important because if you lose your passport in a foreign country then you can easily prove your identity in that country’s consulate and embassy.  

The other thing to keep in mind is that you should have a valid passport. This means that you must check the expiry date of the passport. Many countries in the world have strict rules regarding passport expiration. Moreover, if you stay in another country for more than the required time period then they won’t allow you to come again in their country. If your visa expires then you can face many problems in immigration.

Travel Itinerary Details

Details about flight, car rental, and accommodation reservation are very important documents. At present all these documents are present on digital platforms. Keeping the details of these things on your smartphone can save you from many hurdles in a foreign land. Moreover, it can help you in the check-in process at airport hotels. Additionally, you can have a track record of your itinerary. If you face any problems with accommodations, you can use travel planner apps. With the help of these apps, you can also plan and reserve your rooms at other hotels and also book your ride in advance.

Hire a Professional Translation Agency 

If you are aware of the official language of the country in which you are visiting then you must think that you can translate the traveling documents yourself. For your important personal records, it is unethical practice to do it yourself. Secondly, many countries require professional translation services from a certified translator to accept your travel application. Here the important thing to note is that even if you are a certified translator you can’t translate your documents. 

Let’s validate it with an example. In the USA, USCIS requires the certified document with the translator’s name, address, and date of the translation. Therefore, you can not translate your birth certificate with your signature on it.  Therefore you must hire a professional translation agency. Many translation agencies that are working around the world provide certified and Notarized translation services. 

Wrapping Up 

Travel document translation starts when you apply for a visa from your home country. You must provide all your documents with certified or notarized translation as required by the embassy. It makes your visa processing smooth and you can enjoy the trip to your favorite destination. You need to be extra careful in another country. For this purpose, you must have your personal identity documents with you and you can use different traveling apps. Happy Travelling