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Types of Accounting Services in Mississauga Experts Offer

Accounting has experienced massive evolution over the years. In the past, accounting services for businesses were limited to bookkeeping, data management, etc. Nonetheless, accounting services have evolved over time for business owners, and they have evolved fast, too. For the same reason, you see esteemed accounting companies offering different types of accounting services in Mississauga. Additionally, we are going to tell you about the five main types of accounting services that experts offer today.

Five Main Types of Accounting Services

Here are the five main types of accounting services that experts offer businesses today:


Bookkeeping is the simplest yet well-known accounting service that professionals offer businesses. Besides, bookkeeping refers to the management of financial records of businesses. Maintaining the books of accounts is necessary today for any business to keep track of its transactions. Without properly managed books, business owners cannot know the exact financial position of their company. Nowadays, small business owners, in particular, outsource bookkeeping services from esteemed accounting firms, like GTA Accounting.

Financial Analysis and Consulting: 

Data that bookkeepers record for businesses is not just for maintaining financial records. Accountants have to use the same data for financial analysis. Accountants transform the bookkeeping data for businesses into financial statements. Additionally, highly-qualified accountants, such as CPAs (Chartered Professional Accountants), help businesses (clients) understand their financial situation upon consultation while reviewing their financial information. As a result, it helps business owners make important financial decisions for their businesses.

Internal Auditing: 

Internal auditing is another accounting service that experts offer businesses. Internal auditing helps businesses ensure the accuracy of their financial information. Besides, internal auditing is a key requirement for any business to minimize the risk of any penalty. Put differently, it is an important accounting service that businesses avail of from professionals.

Tax Planning and Filing: 

Taxes are a major concern for all businesses, as all businesses have to file taxes. However, navigating through the tax process is challenging, and it is also where accounting services prove beneficial to businesses. Reputable accounting services cannot help businesses only to file their taxes. They can also help businesses come up with the best plan for filing their taxes and minimizing their tax burdens.

Financial Controlling: 

Financial controlling serves as the last line of defence when it comes to overseeing a company’s accounting and financial matters. Besides, “human errors, according to 27% of accountants, are the leading cause of accounting mistakes,” as per a web report. Accountants who have to manage financial controlling activity for businesses have to review all accounting activities. Further, they have to detect any accounting error if any accounting activity has it and rectify it. Moreover, businesses have a massive risk of internal fraud and unnoticed errors without financial control. Thus, you can understand how important financial controlling is for any business.


Over the years, accounting has experienced enormous evolution. For the same reason, businesses can outsource a wide range of accounting services from professionals. Lastly, the following are the five main types of accounting services in Mississauga that experts offer:

  1. Bookkeeping
  2. Financial Analysis and Consulting
  3. Internal Auditing
  4. Tax Planning and Filing
  5. Financial Controlling