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Types of social work you need to study during the course?

Social work is one of the professional courses that studies the different types of social issues happening around the world. The main aim of the course is to research social issues and find appropriate solutions to them. Social work has a huge impact on the development process of any community, society and nation. The subject covers many topics like social, civil, psychological, children and adults, etc. On the other hand, like any other course, social work also asks the students to complete assignments based on different social work topics. But sometimes, completing these assignments on time may not be possible. Hence you can take guidance from assignment help online that is available on the internet. This kind of service helps students from various fields to complete their assignments successfully. Their services are available 24×7 and you can reach out to them at any time of the day. 

Some of the well-known classifications of social work are-

Child and family welfare

In this type of social work, you will have to offer counsel to children or family members who are going through certain traumas. You get a chance to work closely with the family members to improve their relationships with one another. This can be done through counseling or family sessions. For a fast and effective result, you need to make sure that the child or the family has a safe and nurturing home. If the home provides a messy environment the counseling or the therapy for the family or the child might not go as expected.

School social work

School social work deals with managing the child’s emotions and accessing vital resources. You might also need to spend the majority of your time within the academic facilities. Common issues among school children are getting bullied, unsafe housing environments, assignment pressures and so on. Your responsibilities will mainly focus on identifying students who need additional support. You will have to implement ideas and programs to support the well-being of the students.

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Community development

Community development engages with nonprofits or the government to manage community programs. You will have to ensure that all the community members receive the needed resources to keep them healthy and safe. You can also look after clinical work and counseling to improve the healthy mental state of the community members.

Disability social work

This area of discipline will encourage you to assist people with disabilities and parents who have special children. You will have to guide the individuals or the parents on their legal rights and introduce them to the resources that meet their needs. Your duties may vary from client to client according to their problems.

Medical social work

Some individuals undergo different medical treatments, and they might need support from you to face their medical challenges. You will have to visit hospitals and other healthcare facilities. You must review the patient’s records and provide the right therapy and rehabilitation. The patient’s family members’ support is also needed to provide the right information regarding the patient’s history.

Mental health services

Mental health social workers serve patients who suffer from mental health problems like depression, anxiety, insomnia, bipolar disorder stress disorder, etc. You need to prepare care plans and provide counseling accordingly. Your job places might be in psychiatric hospitals, outpatient clinics and private health clinics.

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Substance abuse social work

Individuals, especially some of the youths who face substance abuse become critical for them to come out from situations like this. In such cases, your guide will help them to recover from addictions with the appropriate medical support. You will have to intervene in crises guide the individuals to get medical care and educate them about a life without drugs and alcohol.

Environmental social work

When you plan to work in environmental social work you will have to work with the communities to study environmental issues and learn how these bring an impact on society. Your area of study may be climate change, water resources, sustainability, etc. You will have to participate to find solutions if these issues create severe conditions further.

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What are the different workplaces for a social worker?

As mentioned earlier, the presence of a social worker has become mandatory for most industries nowadays. You can choose your specialization while doing your course in social work and find relevant job opportunities later. Some of the common types of work environments are-

Child, family and school

Children and families who deal with psychological issues may seek help from social workers. Similarly, schools and colleges will also hire you to guide their students in psychological matters. To work in such places you may have to particularly focus your study on these topics.

Medical and public health

Health facilities and hospitals always look for medical social workers who can assist their patients by providing counseling and medical referrals. Individuals who are struggling with health problems may take personal help from you.


If you are working as a community social worker, you will be working with a large group of community members rather than individual interaction. Your work will focus on developing the communities and improving their social justice environment.

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To conclude, social work is a practical subject that involves fieldwork and internships to build a good career in social work. To excel in this area, you will have to be an expert in handling different people and societies in this world.