Decoding the Cost of SGOT-SGPT Test in Noida

SGPT and SGOT are two of the most prevalent types of liver enzymes. When liver cells are harmed or inflamed, these enzymes can leak...
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Understanding Rabies and Its Prevention

India bears a substantial burden of rabies cases, with 36% of global rabies deaths occurring in the country. Annually, rabies leads to 18,000-20,000 fatalities, and alarmingly, 30-60% of these cases affect children under 15 years of age, frequently going unobserved and unreported. In India, rabies symptoms in dogs is the primary cause, responsible for approximately 97% of human rabies cases, followed by cats (2%), jackals, mongooses, and other animals (1%). This disease is endemic across the nation, and raising awareness of rabies symptoms in dogs is crucial for public health.

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