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Understanding the Nuvoton NK-N9H20 and Features

The Nuvoton NK-N9H20 series is built on the ARM926EJ-S CPU@200MHz, synchronous DRAM, 2D BitBLT accelerator, LCD panel interface, USB 1.1 Host & USB2.0 HS Device core and integrated with JPEG codec, 32-channel SPU (Sound Processing Unit), ADC, DAC, for meeting various kinds of application needs for saving the BOM cost and makes the best choice for LCD application of cost/performance products. Maximum resolution is XVGA (1,024×768)@TFT LCD panel. The 2D BitBLT accelerator accelerates the graphic computation to make the rendering smooth and off-load CPU to save power consumption.

Nuvoton NK-N9H20 Features:-


ARM926EJ-S 32-bit RISC CPU with 8KB I-Cache &8KB D-Cache

Frequency up to200MHz@1.8V core power operation voltage

JTAG interface supported for development and debugging

Internal SRAM & ROM:

8KB internal SRAM and 16KB IBR internal booting ROM supported

IBR booting messages displayed by UART console for debugging supported

Different system booting modes supported:

Memory card

SD card or eMMC Flash device

SD-to-NAND flash bridge

Raw NAND Flash

SPI Flash



A high speed UART supported:-

Baud rate is up to 1M bps

4 signals TX, RX, CTS and RTS supported

A normal UART supported:

Baud rate is up to 115.2K bps

2 signals TX and RX supported only


Two SPI controller is supported:-


Both master and slave mode are supported in SPI interface

Two chip selection signals for two SPI devices


One I2C channel supported

Compatible with Philips’s I2C standard and only master mode supported

Multi-master operation supported


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