Unleash Your Madness By Styling Versatile Outfits With The Harley Quinn Jacket

Margot Robbie is a versatile actress who has done multiple legendary roles. Be it Barbie from the Barbie movie, Naomi Lapaglia from The Wolf...
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Unleash Your Madness By Styling Versatile Outfits With The Harley Quinn Jacket

Margot Robbie is a versatile actress who has done multiple legendary roles. Be it Barbie from the Barbie movie, Naomi Lapaglia from The Wolf of Wall Street, or Harley Quinn from the Suicide Squad, Margot has surely made her impression in pop culture thanks to her phenomenal performance. In addition to being an outstanding actor, Margot is also considered a fashion icon among people. Her dressing sense is always praised and loved worldwide. Harley Quinn from The Suicide Squad is one of her most famous characters to date. The sassy, psycho sidekick and lover of the famous Joker is well-known for her craziness and remarkable fashion style in the movie.

Harley Quinn, in the movie, is often seen wearing simple clothes layered with top-notch what we call the Harley Quinn jacket. These jackets were the ultimate key points in her look. They made her stand out as the main character throughout the movie alongside her brilliant performance. If you, too, want to get that main character feeling in your life, then the Harley Quinn Jackets I’m about to introduce are definitely for you. You’ll seep through confidence and boldness once you put them on. That’s my guarantee. So, without further ado, I hereby present you the following fashion tips and looks to style these amazing Harley Quinn Jackets.

The dynamic black and red duo

The classic Harley Quinn color combo of red and black is a champion. These colors exude sharpness and confidence. You can try to style this Harley Quinn Suicide Squad 2 Jacket with a black miniskirt or skinny jeans, depending on the weather. This will give you a bold and attention-seeking look. 

Add a dash of white.

To stay loyal to Harley’s iconic style, you must remember the white elements. Incorporate the white accents into a belt, sneakers, or crop top to make your outfit pop. The simplicity of white, along with the contrast of bold colors, is what will make this outfit work. 

Mix and Match

You don’t have to limit yourself to only one Harley Quinn jacket style. You can experiment with different variations, from biker jackets to bomber jackets to hoodies. Each style provides a unique trait of the character, so switch it up according to your liking. 

Remember, Harley Quinn is all about embracing diversity and breaking the rules. Don’t be frightened to mix and match different patterns and styles. You can create your style and rock in your individuality. Just be confident and let your inner Harley Quinn shine. 

Layer for Versatility

Layering is your secret weapon that can’t be defeated with jackets. You can style your favorite Harley Quinn jacket with a plain white tee for an everyday look. You can even add small accessories like a black choker or pendant to elevate the look. 

Party look

For a colorful party look, Harley Quinn’s jacket is a rock star. You can style a sparkly black dress covering your knees to create a striking contrast with the Birds Of Prey Harley Quinn Fringe Jacket. To complement the dress further, I would suggest adding fishnet stockings with a pair of high red or black heels. A funky studded belt that cinches the waist along with bold makeup will add to the allure. Additionally, for the final touch, carry a small black clutch, and now you are ready to be in the limelight of the night. 

Halloween look

Harley Quinn has always been a popular choice for Halloween; therefore, encapsulating her style requires special attention to detail. First and foremost, you must begin with distressed skinny jeans or shorts for a rugged look. The highlight of the outfit is the red and black Harley Quinn jacket with white accents. Pair the fit boots or high-top sneakers for an edgy touch. Makeup is the key point here. For instance, use pale white face paint, bold red lipstick, and smudged eye makeup for that messy effect. Lastly, Don’t forget to carry a toy basketball bat and the temporary tattoos to complete the final look. 

Casual style

Now, just because I am styling a Harley Quinn’s jacket, it doesn’t mean I always have to opt for an exotic look. I can also create a simple yet relaxed casual look by pairing the jacket with a plain white t-shirt as a base. I can then put on jeans or shorts to complement the outfit’s simplicity. Similarly, I would wear Converse sneakers or a comfortable set of long boots to maintain the subtleness of the look. Keep makeup minimal with a touch of eyeliner or red lipstick. Finally, for accessories, I would suggest wearing a studded choker to avoid going overboard with the style. 

Styling for a Cosplay Event

For a cosplay event, originality is the key. Hence, to achieve the ultimate Harley Quinn look, first select a specific costume you want to recreate. Then, acquire a wig that matches Harley’s distinctive hair, whether it’s blond and blue or another variation. Next, you have to pay keen attention to the details; otherwise, chances are there to mess up the look. Paint your whole face with white while coloring your lips with dark red. Prioritize a comfortable pair of footwear and carry a basketball bat prop to authenticate the look. Don’t forget that Harley Quinn’s signature element in all her outfits is her confidence. So be confident to pull off the jacket while maintaining a rebellious look.

Retro Harley Quinn Look

For an easygoing retro-inspired Harley Quinn look, you’ll need to start with a vintage red A-line dress. Then, You can layer the red dress with a Harley Quinn jacket for a contemporary twist on a classic silhouette. Wear white high-knee socks and black shoes for a playful retro touch. Accessorize the whole look with a white headband or hair bow and retro-styled sunglasses. Maintain the vibe of the outfit by keeping your makeup cool and adding bright red lipstick with winged eyeliner. Finally, carry a clutch or purse to finish this retro-inspired look. 

Festival Look

For an eye-catching festival look, Harley Quinn’s jacket is the perfect statement piece you are looking for. Let’s get right into its styling guide. Begin with a black crop top as your base. Pair it with high-waisted denim shorts. You can even add distressed details to the shorts for that sharp festival vibe. Furthermore, layer your jacket for a burst of color and style. After that, accessorize the look with a heavy or layered choker, sparkly bracelets, and temporary tattoos. For makeup, go with a bold look, experimenting with jewels and glitter to incorporate the festival spirit. 

Rocker Style

For an edgy rocker glam look, follow these steps:

Start with a black jumpsuit that hugs your body perfectly. Layer your red and black Harley Quinn jacket over this jumpsuit, leaving it open to flaunt the design. Then, choose ankle boots with metal jewelry, including hoop earrings and chunky rings. Opt for a bold smokey eye look with dark lipstick and heavy contouring to add a dramatic effect. Lastly, style your hair in a loose ponytail or messy bun to add glamor and grace to your look. 

Summing it up

By following these styling tips, you can incorporate Harley’s iconic looks very easily into your wardrobe. You can style creative outfits with Harley Quinn Jackets that’ll turn heads wherever you go. So go ahead, embrace the craziness, and let your inner Harley Quinn’s madness shine through your fashion choices. Enjoy and stay fabulous!