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Vaping Can Hamper Breathing in the Young

WEDNESDAY, August. 16th 2023 (HealthDay News) If teens use vapes, their lungs have to pay for the damage, say researchers.

The alarm comes from an in-depth analysis of the habits of smoking that were shared by more than 2000 U.S. teens during a number of surveys conducted over the past year.

The conclusion: When you compare them with teenagers who’ve never used vaping and reported smoking electronic cigarettes within the prior month to the survey their chances of shortness of breath and wheezing increase by around 80 percent.

Vapers had a higher danger of developing symptoms that indicate asthma, according to the study. Most of the threats in respiratory health that were linked to smoking vapes held true in the absence of whether teens also used tobacco or marijuana.

“While e-cigarettes likely have fewer negative health impacts than traditional cigarettes, they are not risk-free, especially for youth or young adults who have never used any other tobacco product,” stated the study’s lead author Alayna Tackett. She’s a child psychologist and researcher at the Center for Tobacco Research at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center located situated in Columbus. Read More……