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Vrbo Clone App Development With Data-Driven Strategies In Philippines

Are you seeking to launch a hotel book app like Vrbo in the Philippines region?

It’s not just a cakewalk to acquire your entrepreneurship in the Philippines hotel booking industry. Because the Philippines is enriching its popularity for tourism and travel. And numerous business people want to thrive big revenue in this lucrative region.

To stand out from others, studying the industry with the top players is essential. The research will help you to develop a sound hotel booking script platform uniquely.

Let’s take Vrbo, one of the successful big shots among the world’s hotel booking apps.

Why Vrbo?-Know The Statistics

In 2006, Vrbo was owned by the team HomeAway, a big marketer in the rental sector. Both the Vrbo and Homeaway were operated separately in the web and mobile applications. Later, HomeAway was formulated by the Expedia group at the year 2015 and restructured the entire platform with a new rebrand called Vrbo.

Expedia aims to be a better competitor for Airbnb and is solely focused on short-term rentals. This clear decision made Vrbo a successful competitor to the giant of Airbnb. Though, it doesn’t overcome Airbnb, it acts as a hit-hard contender to the Airbnb team.

Just, understand it with proven statistics.

  • In 2023, Vrbo generated approximately $6.7 billion in revenue, accounting for 36% of Expedia’s total revenue.
  • The platform attracted 18.9 million unique visitors and was downloaded 15 million times.
  • Additionally, more than half of Vrbo’s user base consists of individuals under the age of 35.

With this statistical report, you can understand how Vrbo has worked on its success path to acquire more users and attained a big reach on its goal. By implementing the same strategies as Vrbo you can reach success and a wider number of guests in the Philippines locality.

Let’s know about the strategies and tactics leveraged by the Vrbo team.

Success Of Hotel Booking Apps Like Vrbo And Data Science

The success key of Vrbo lies in their smart use of data.

Instead of just looking at numbers, they use data to understand what their users want.

Yes, their team hardly focuses on providing customer satisfaction through the engaging and user-friendly hotel booking app.

Similarly, by concentrating on data science during your Vrbo clone app development process, you can easily catch user acquisition, which quietly turns over your ROI.

Let’s know how these strategies can be implemented in your hotel booking software.

1. Improve Your Guest Search With Data

For hotel booking apps like Vrbo clone, search is crucial for keeping customers engaged. Every search and its results should amaze and delight users.

However, it wasn’t always easy.

A hotel booking software could contain many users, and everyone’s search needs may vary. It’s hard to personalize things for each user. That’s why having a rich dataset is important for providing detailed and quick search results to users. Focus on offering high-quality listings during the search and filtering process.

Deeply monitoring your hotel booking app can bring you many benefits. Vrbo did this to improve their business. They noticed that users from Asian countries had a high bounce rate on the home page, but they weren’t converting into bookings. After exploring further, they found that users were dropping their searches after viewing neighborhood countries’ images and stay rates.

To address this, Vrbo revamped the version for those countries, highlighting top travel destinations in the community search.

Let’s take your inspiration from Vrbo and ensure your hotel booking app offers mature options that impress users during their search experience along with the Philippines regions.

2. Discover Your Host Preferences Through Data

Host preferences are crucial in hotel booking apps to avoid potential issues. Because, sometimes due to errors in the availability calendar, guests could encounter problems during their stay. To overcome this, the Vrbo-like app addresses this with the below options.

  • Accommodation Requests
  • Host Preferences
  • Preference Coefficients

Implementing a fully-fledged machine learning algorithm can help match guest searches with host preferences, ensuring personalized experiences for users. This process ensures accurate matching and provides users with precise results.

It’s also vital to prioritize timely responses from hosts to guest requests, as this contributes to successful bookings.

3. Provide Hotel Booking App With a Dynamic User Experience

Creating an outstanding user experience throughout the entire trip is essential and relies heavily on data science. It’s not just about search results and booking; it’s about the quality of hospitality provided by hosts during their stay. This exceptional experience will add incredible value to the trip.

Take Airbnb, for example. They gauge their business success and customer experience using metrics like Net Promoter Score (NPS) and customer loyalty metrics.

NPS is measured through Word of Mouth, which is highly sought after by brands. Ask users how likely they are to recommend your brand to others in need of renting. A top rating above 4 indicates success for an Airbnb-like rental platform.

To gather high ratings, focus on these aspects of your rental business:

  • Review and ratings of hosts’ hospitality.
  • Provide clear and detailed images of hosts’ accommodations during the booking process.
  • Pay attention to unique design elements.
  • Offer various stay options (private room or shared room) and amenities.
  • Consider trip length, checkout date, user needs, and satisfaction during the trip.
  • Showcase other listings offered by hosts.

4. Make Your Hotel Booking App Development With Separate Testings

Updating your hotel booking app to match current trends is crucial and should be done efficiently. Many leading companies use split tests in their development process to achieve better results. Implementing these tests at every stage of development can make your app more user-friendly and successful.

For example, look at Vrbo, they regularly update their platform to enhance user experience, focusing on user comfort.

For instance, Vrbo previously had a process where registered users had to sign up before booking a stay. This process was challenging for some users and required checking if they were signed up. Airbnb improved this by allowing users to browse freely and book a stay, with the final option to get renter details.

Hence, conducting consistent split tests can improve user convenience, even small changes like adjusting button colors can make a significant impact on user experience.


I believe this blog will motivate you with the data science insights shaping user experience in the rental industry. Applying these strategies can lead to significant revenue growth for your Vrbo clone app.

So, do focus on launching the hotel booking software with an efficient machine learning algorithm, which will give your users a bugless interface while in the hotel booking process.

Let’s be ready to empower your Vrbo clone app in the Philippines region with the strength of mastered data science.