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Al-harrbi  Contracting Company is a specialized company in the supply and installation of canopies, pergolas, and sunshades. We offer the highest quality canopies, utilizing...
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Watch subscription store

Shahid service is among the leading options in the world of providing entertainment content via the Internet in the Arab world. With a wide range of exclusive TV shows, movies and series, enjoy an exceptional viewing experience that caters to all your entertainment interests.

With the increasing demand for exclusive content and distinctive viewing experiences, Shahid launched the Shahid subscription package to meet the needs of distinguished subscribers and those looking for more value and distinction. Here is a comprehensive overview of the available packages:

  1. Shahid VIP Month Subscription:

Enjoy access to exclusive premium content and an ad-free viewing experience for an entire month. Get instant access to the latest movies, series and TV shows that are not available in regular releases.

  1. Shahid Sports VIP subscription for one month:

For fans of sports and major sporting events, Shahid offers a monthly sports VIP package. Get exclusive coverage of the most important tournaments and live matches, in high quality and without ads.

  1. Shahid VIP subscription for three months:

This special package offers you the best value for money, as you can enjoy all the benefits of VIP membership for three consecutive months, including access to exclusive content and special services.

Thanks to Shahid subscriptions, you will never miss a moment of your favorite content. Choose the package that suits your needs and enjoy an unparalleled  اشتراكات شاهد VIP viewing experience.

Don’t hesitate to subscribe now and join Shahid’s VIP subscription community to enjoy the best entertainment content and experiences.