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What Are The Three Easy Ways To Insulate Your Conservatory Roof?

Older conservatories, as well as those that have poor polycarbonate roofs are renowned for being cold in winter and too hot during summer.

In this type of conservatory, as much as one quarter of the heat that is lost is absorbed by the roof. However, this could result in the additional living space you wanted will only be utilised for a couple of months during the season.

This is not the way you thought when you initially made the purchase. The good news is that the insulation of a conservatory can make it more comfortable. The focus on insulating the roof will permit you to make use of it throughout the year.

There are three primary methods to insulate a conservatory roof glass panels according to your budget and requirements. You might be surprised to learn that major changes aren’t required for your home to look like a normal room.

Option 1 – Install Curtains Or Blinds

Installing curtains, blinds, or curtains made of heavy fabric is a cost-effective method to block sunlight and help keep the room cool in summer.

However, its effectiveness is likely to be diminished due to the quantity of heat passing through the roof in winter seasons.

Pros: The most affordable choice.

Cons: It can be difficult to put in place. It is possible to get mouldy and damp due to condensation.

Option 2: Change The Polycarbonate Used In Your Roof

In certain cases it’s possible to allow the glazing bars that are in place to expand to the point that they can fit the larger polycarbonate roof panels that is more efficient in thermal performance.

A second layer of polycarbonate beneath your existing one will also provide more insulation. But, it’s worth noting that many polycarbonate roofing systems have an expected lifespan of 10 years (or lesser) and you must consider whether the roof that is old is the best.

Pros: Relatively inexpensive.

Cons: May cause problems with condensation. Not a long-term solution

Option 3: Convert It To An Actual Conservatory Roof

The best method to insulate a conservatory’s roof and gain benefits in the long run is to transform it into an insulated roof structure.

With a variety of choices this permanent solution lets you regulate temperature without having to worry about the negative effects of dampness.

A majority of existing conservatory frames are able to be use to support a brand new, aluminum structure that is finish with slate-like tiles to complement your home or a contemporary hybrid roof.

According to our experience, replacing your roof with an insulated conservatory roof will change the look of your home and the way you utilise it in a few hours.

Pros: The most durable option for long term solutions. It can be in place in less than an hour.

Cons The frame is not suitable for certain more traditional conservatory designs.

Conservatory Roof Insulation Cost & Benefits

A new conservatory constructed within your home offers the wonderful benefit of having an additional space in your property to use as you’d like to do, whether it’s an enjoyable reading area as well as a dining area for your family to relax in!

UPVC, known for its non-translucent properties, effectively blocks UV rays and helps retain more heat within your conservatory. Additionally, it can act as a sound barrier against rain and external noise. UPVC proves to be an excellent and soundproof windows cost-effective roofing solution.

This article we’ll examine the costs and advantages for conservatory roof insulation, which is the best method of making sure your conservatory roof is insulate and also replacement of conservatory roofs.

The Best Method To Insulate The Conservatory Roof

There are many methods to tackle conservatory roof insulation. These range from removing your conservatory roof’s panels to materials that are no longer suitable for use and installing roofing products that have improve conservatory roofs throughout the United States and assessing how well your acoustic glass windows and walls are well-insulate.

In this article we’ll go over all you need to know about making your conservatory warm, cut down on your energy bills, and take advantage of them more all through the season.

Conservatory Roof Materials

If you’ve an old conservatory roof that is struggling with the temperature in it It could be due to the old building regulations which were in place at the time your conservatory’s ceiling was up.

These rules stipulate that conservatory roof panels should have at minimum 75% translucent and this requires installers to choose to up the polycarbonate roof using glazing bars or an insulate roof panel that is glaze however, neither of which are the most suitable materials for properly insulate conservatories and certainly not the ideal option for an construct and insulate conservatory roof!


Aluminium is an excellent option for the roof of your conservatory, because aluminium panels are usually pack with a substantial blanket of foam which can increase the temperature of your conservatory because it will hold more of the heat that you generate inside and thus allowing you to enjoy your conservatory throughout the year.

This is likely to be the most effective method to insulate your conservatory, if you have a conservatory roof before the building regulations required that the roofing material should be transparent to 75.

How to insulate a conservatory roof is the primary aspect to consider in the event that your conservatory gets cold since heat rises. If the conservatory roof panels are not able to reduce the loss of heat it’s a losing battle.


UPVC is a remarkably versatile material, which is frequently use for windows, front doors and window frames However, it is great material for an insulation-rich conservatory roof!

UPVC isn’t translucent, therefore it blocks UV rays. It also helps in conserving more heat inside your conservatory. It can also block out sound of rain or emanating from the surrounding area. UPVC is a great roofing solution. And due to the structure of UPVC it is an extremely cost-effective option to construct.

Plaster Finish

Conservatory roofs usually appear the same, particularly because they grow in popularity rapidly, and lots of homeowners chose to go with the same layout and style. But, you can transform your conservatory to a part of your house by making sure that the roof insulation is in place with the help of a ceiling that has be plaster.

It has a luxurious design and looks actually sound. Insulating your conservatory in this manner requires a roofing professional to insulate the conservatory roof in full, either with conventional roof insulation or installing a new conservatory roof.


CUIN Glass roofs for conservatories functions in the same way as the double glazing used to protect your entire home from the elements, with two glass panels forming pockets of air between them to create an insulation barrier that stops warmth from leaving and allow it to expand into the space.

It is also possible to add windows to this kind of roof, to help reduce the sun’s harmful UV rays during sunny days. This is an excellent safety feature and it’s also an easy DIY project that you can complete to reduce costs while also transforming your home.

The Cost Of Conservatory Roof Insulation

One of the most important aspects to consider for homeowners who are looking to install roofing insulation is of course, the price of the task.

A conservatory insulation cost roof is possible to pay anywhere between PS800 for conservatory interior insulation up to more than PS3000 for conservatories that require completely new roofing panels.

In the end, the cost may discourage some homeowners from having the conservatory insulation, however, this expense more than pays for itself through lower energy costs and the capacity to utilise your space more effectively than you’ve ever experience.

The roof design has changed over the past few times that even the simplest conservatory insulations could be a huge difference in the way you use it all night.