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What is screen printing on t-shirts?

What is screen printing on t-shirts?

Surely more than once you have hesitated when it comes to personalizing t-shirts between screen printing t-shirts or digital printing, right? At Dallas t shirt screen printing we provide the service of screen printing. Lets discuss this printing method. 

These are two of the most used techniques for printing clothing. Both are functional and guarantee quality results. However, depending on factors such as the type of order, design, fabric or color, it will be better to choose. for one or the other.

To make it much easier for you and clarify all your doubts, at Clique Shirts we have prepared a post with all the information about it. Keep reading to know more!

What is screen printing?

Screen printing consists of transferring a design through a fabric screen to the t-shirt or garment that you want to customize. This is done with ink and a squeegee and is done manually to achieve an adequate result.

One of the reasons why this printing technique is so popular is because its initial cost is low , but, above all, because of its versatility. Not only can prints be made on textiles such as t-shirts or sweatshirts, it also allows the customization of rigid items made of plastic, paper, wood, etc. They are all advantages!

What is digital t-shirt printing?

Digital printing is a much more modern technique that allows printing directly on a garment using inkjet . To do this, it will be necessary to have a computer and a textile printer that will be responsible for capturing the design directly.

The advantages of this technique are that it allows you to personalize garments from a single unit and also on any color and fabric since it is truly resistant to washing and the passage of time. The result is a design completely integrated into the garment. It’s great!

Main differences between digital printing and screen printing on t-shirts

Are you not sure which technique to choose for finishing your personalized garments? Don’t worry! We have compiled some of the most significant differences. Discover them!


  • Printing from 1 unit     
  • Reproduces photo-quality details
  • Higher initial investment
  • Good resistance to washing
  • Printing on garments of any color or fabric
  • There is no color limit


  • Requires minimum order
  • Not suitable for maximum quality images
  • Much cheaper initial investment
  • High resistance to washing
  • Printing on textiles and rigid articles
  • Every color needs a new screen

 Digital printing service vs screen printing for t-shirt, which is better?

As we have already seen, both printing techniques offer high quality results. To decide which is the best procedure in each case, you must take into account the design in question and the surface on which you want to print .

For example, if it is a high-quality photograph for a sports t-shirt, it would be best to opt for digital printing. While, if it is a simple logo based on one color, screen printing will achieve the result you are looking for.