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What is the difference between packaging and custom packaging?

Packaging is a method of wrapping products in a way to protects them from abrasion, cracking, impacts, and damage while shipping. It’s all about packing products according to the dimensions, weight, fragility, and number of items. However, an extensive trend of custom packaging arises with the advent of more and more businesses in the market to attract customers.

Both generic and custom packaging go right for different products and defined shipping routes, so you have to choose the best one for your business. Here is a complete guide to choosing the right packaging option to suit your products all the way. So, let’s read ahead.

Difference between Packaging and Custom Packaging

When it comes to packaging, custom cardboard boxes are the first options that hit every mind for their cost-effectiveness and customization flexibility. Similarly, food boxes are also uniquely popular options as they are important to transport food products safely and protect them from spoilage.

Now, the question is whether you should go for custom or generic packaging to build brand identity. To find out, understand both options described below in detail.

Packaging Vs Custom Packaging

Generic packaging is not created particularly for distinct products but rather available in pre-made shapes and sizes. It’s plain, standard, and cheap which is used to deliver a range of regular products such as staples, commodities, and bulk items. It’s an affordable option for products that are sold in large quantities or at low prices such as fast food, snacks, beverages, groceries, and other routine items.

Standard packaging is the right fit for businesses that want to ship their products safely without spending a lot on custom cardboard boxes to save more.

On the other hand, custom packaging is a unique method of enticing customers with quality products and wow unboxing moments. It’s perfect for special products that need extra protection, decoration, usage information, or safety details.

Many food businesses also use custom food boxes to deliver their edibles to enhance their experience and remember the packaging details to order again. It has a specific design, shape, and style with unique text or logo printed on the boxes that represent the product and the company’s goals.

Both options are worth the hype depending on your product specifications and budget preferences. Even a business can use both standard and custom packaging to accommodate relevant products the right way and it’s completely fine.

Benefits Of Custom Packaging

Custom packing is a unique way to not only wrap a product but also present it strategically to win the trust of consumers. It helps businesses create their eye-catching presence in the market, attract the attention of viewers, encourage relevant users to try the product, and keep the packaged items intact.

Custom packaging benefits businesses in many ways such as:

It enhances the first impression of the product and creates a memorable unboxing experience with a unique outlook and useful product details printed on the box.

It’s the best way to communicate with consumers about product quality, benefits, features, usage details, and values.

A great way to represent business identity, future goals, newly released products, and testimonials.

Quickly grabs the sight of viewers and differentiates the products from the competition.

Helps promote customer retention and satisfaction.

Reduces material waste and environmental impacts.

Promotes social media sharing, word of mouth, and referrals which ultimately boosts your sales.

Why To Choose Custom Cardboard Boxes?

Cardboard is the most in-demand packaging material that can be designed in various shapes, sizes, and styles to suit the product details and business marketing strategy. They are easy to manipulate, fold, and print uniquely to accommodate different products with varying dimensions, fragility, and weight.

The trending packaging options are custom food boxes, CBD boxes, cosmetic boxes, candle boxes, and cake boxes which are specifically created to deliver fragile items from one place to another with attractive packaging to make consumers feel aesthetic.

Although these custom options are a bit pricier than their generic counterparts, their benefits outweigh the extra cost and give better value for spending.

How To Choose The Right Packaging?

As you see all the differences between packaging and custom packaging, but the question is how to choose the right one. Which type of packaging can go for what product categories to elevate the brand presence? To find out, consider the following factors before making a decision.

Consider your budget limits as standard packaging is cheaper while custom packaging charges more to make it personalized for your business.

Understand the quality and nature of the product as fragile or decorative items need more protection and thus specialized packaging solutions to work well. For general commodities or bulk products, you can go for generic packaging to save more.

Consider your marketing goals and long-term branding plans to take action from now on. If you’ve just started your business, go for custom cardboard boxes to stand out from the competition and win more customers. They serve like mini billboards of your brand without breaking the bank on advertisements and commercials.

In short, whether you have to go with generic or custom packaging, it’s all up to your product needs and personal preferences and nothing else. Define your preferences and make clear budget details to decide on the right one.