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What Is The High Priestess In A Relationship?

The second Major Arcana or Trump card in the tarot deck is called the High Priestess. The card is a potent yet enticing representation of sensuality, intrigue, and higher power in general.

The High Priestess is a card representing nonaction, suggesting that the person who pulls it should think about ceasing involvement. In contrast to many tarot cards, which suggest taking an activity or making a move.

Consider potential and options rather than attempting to control the story. The High Priestess frequently advises retreating, reflecting on the topic at hand, and relying on your inner instincts to lead you through it during a reading.

What is The High Priestess Card?

The High Priestess is sat before a slim purdah with pomegranates as decorations. In order to keep casual observers away, this purdah serves as an illustration of the many conscious and subconscious domains, the seen and the unseen. Only the initiators will be allowed in. 

On the purdah, pomegranates are used to symbolize fertility, abundance, and the sacred feminine. To Persephone, it is holy. He was compelled to visit each year after having a pomegranate seed in the world.

Two substantial pillars stand on either side of the High Priestess. They identify the access to this ethereal location. The letter B, which stands for Boaz and means in his power, is written on one of the black pillars.

The next is white and has the word Jachin— which means— he will show— engraved on it. To communicate to the planet that approval and awareness of the double nature of things are necessary to thrive in this world. The white and black tones of the pillars symbolize dualism like male and female, light and darkness.

Furthermore, the High Priestess tarot card shows a woman wearing a blue robe, wearing a horned crown, and bearing a cross on chest. These two items stand for her regal authority and celestial insight.

She is holding a scroll in her hand that is partially visible, suggesting that the religious wisdom is implicit as well as explicit. And will be made clear if the person is prepared to delve further and put materialism aside. Next to her feet, a crescent Moon represents her connection to intuition, her subconscious mind, and divine feminism.

High Priestess Upright Common Meaning

The High Priestess Upright is related to “Inner Knowledge”. It combines rationality with wisdom, mystery, and sensuality. Every time the High Priestess appears in a tarot reading, she emphasizes the need to follow your gut and trust your intuition. In the event that the Upright High Priestess card is drawn, you should pay close attention.

High Priestess Reversed Common Meaning

Receiving a High Priestess reversed means you’re not paying attention to your inner voice. Instead of asking your own self about your own simple life, you’re too busy seeking out the opinions of others. You might be putting everyone else’s needs ahead of your own by doing so. Just trust yourself and take into account your inner wisdom before allowing your state to decline or feel down.

Let us now understand the meaning of the High Priestess Tarot card in relationships in detail ahead.

High Priestess Upright Meaning in Relationship

The High Priestess card in tarot reading represents a man’s obsession with a gorgeously lovely woman. The person will be attractive and intelligent, also sensuous and alluring. This Major Arcana tarot card represents the presence of more than one person in your immediate vicinity for women. It would become your one and only wish and become impossible to refuse.

This card indicates fulfilling strong desirability and sexual life for those who are in a relationship already. It also means a solid bond with the companion. You must address situations honestly and show the greatest amount of affection to your partner.

Openness and Transparency would be present between you two, and you two would be quite compatible. It will allow your strong emotions to erupt into some wonderful times of passionate lovemaking and sex. The person you plan to date may try to hide their strong feelings. If you make minimal effort, however, they will let you in and let you see what’s going on behind the scenes.

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High Priestess Reversed Meaning in Relationship

The High Priestess reversed tarot card in the context of love demonstrates that you will develop your intuition and strongly indicates problems with trust. However, if you draw this card throughout a tarot reading session, your chances of finding love and romance will be better. Communication issues could arise between you and your partner.

Additionally, you should be careful with your language when conversing with those nearby. You can also have trouble telling the truth to your lover. As a result, you should consider the other person’s feelings before acting or making decisions.

You might also become resentful with this Arcana reversed card. You will notice that you are a desirable person if you flip the side. The opposite sex might feel attracted to you and need your attention. 

Ahead, in a tarot reading, the High Priestess card suggests that you may have doubts about the other person’s intentions. So, after some time, you might start to feel uneasy around them. Additionally, if this card is reversed, you can experience intense sexual tension as well as emotional outbursts.