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Which Scrap Metals Cannot Be recycled?

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Your visit to this place clearly shows that you’re willing to recycle scrap metals. It is indeed a noble task as you are actually reusing the resources of our planet correctly. As metal can preserve its original properties, it is always better to look for metal recyclers in Perth, who have the efficacy and knowledge on recycling matters. However, when it comes to scrap metal recycling, it is vital that you have the necessary knowledge on the metals that cannot be recycled and why.


While aluminum and steel are the go-to choices for scrap metal recyclers in Cannington, there are again, some metals or contaminated items that cannot be accepted due to environmental reasons. Most metal recyclers in Perth will not pay you for these materials as they tend to be harmful to the environment. If you’re not sure about them, Here is the knowledge that you will find beneficial.


Radioactive metals

When it comes to the word radioactive, the first thing that we always think about is nuclear power plants. It is more like a crazy science experience that might have gone wrong. However, there are several circumstances where radioactive materials actually show up in everyday items like old radium watches, smoke detectors, clocks, antique ceramics, instruments, and aircraft materials.


Even when a recycler has a huge scrap yard in Perth, they might not accept this material. Radioactive metals generally produce ionizing radiation, which can increase health issues, especially the risk of cancer. Radioactive metals require specialized training to handle, Store, and dispose of, which might not be possible in a huge scrapyard in Perth. Therefore, Before calling scrap metal pick up in Perth, get rid of radioactive metals to get the best price.



You probably have already heard about mercury a lot of times and how toxic it can be, but do you know that this liquid metal is present in your home? Some of the most common products that have mercury include button cell batteries, fluorescent light bulbs, older thermometers, antique thermostats, and barometers. The scrap metal recyclers in Cannington might not accept these materials because of the presence of mercury.


If these items leak or break, mercury rises, and the liquid can cause serious neurological damage when absorbed into the skin. As mercury persists in the food chain, it needs proper recycling and disposal techniques that might not be available with all metal recyclers.



Just like mercury, lead is one of the other toxic heavy metals that can cause havoc on the nervous system, especially when it is about kids. The common sources of lead include batteries, older electronics, paint chips, and pipes.


Before you start looking for scrap metal recyclers in Perth, it is important for you to choose effectively. Sort out the metals that have lead in them and it is better to not sell them to the metal recycler.


If you have metals like copper, silver, aluminium, or stainless steel, it is better that you look for scrap metal recyclers in Perth. It will always be better to take a look at the scrap copper price in canning vale offered by them to ensure that you get the best price for the scraps you’re selling. Runabout Metals can be an ideal choice if you’re looking for scrap metal recyclers in Cannington Perth. Not only do they provide the best prices, but also offer pick-up services.