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Why are Hawley Retainers Every Orthodontist’s Choice?

The use of retainers after braces is crucial. Braces do put your teeth in a proper alignment. They enhance your smile for sure. However, after the removal of these braces, there are possibilities that your teeth can get into deformation again. Therefore, dental specialists make sure to place retainers after the removal of braces for stable results. Every orthodontist out there prefers Hawley retainer. Here are some reasons why they do so.

Easy to Adjust:

Hawley retainers are among those popular retaining devices that orthodontists have been preferring for a very long time. They prefer these devices because they are easy to adjust. They can take the shape of the patient’s teeth and gum structure so easily. In short, it makes orthodontist’s job easier. Along with this, if a patient feels slight discomfort due to a change in their position, the orthodontist can fix it very easily.

Rigid Wire:

Hawley retainer is easy to install and adjust. Orthodontists find it convenient. Therefore, a large portion of orthodontists in the field provide spring Hawley retainer to their patients once they are done with the braces. However, you might think that Hawley retainers could be a bit softer because of their easy installation and adjustability features. But this is not completely true. The retainer has a rigid wire that keeps everything in place. So, the entire device will not feel harsh to you but it will hold its ground strongly. Hence, you will maintain a pretty smile after this.

Orthodontic Labs:

Preparing Hawley retainers requires expertise, the right tools, techniques, technology, and resources. Fortunately, orthodontic labs have all these. Therefore, all these orthodontics in the field rely on these expert labs. They send digital impressions to the labs, and specialists at ortho labs prepare retainers accordingly. Technique and technology improve the preciseness of devices for every patient. Therefore, the role of an orthodontic laboratory in the life and career of orthodontists is extremely crucial. With the help of these ortho labs, orthodontists can deliver a wide range of treatments and services to every patient who visits them.

About China Orthodontic Laboratory:

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