Why people leave your website without spending enough time?

One of the main ways of gaining attention and boosting sales is through your website. Having an excellent online presence can help you gain...
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Why people leave your website without spending enough time?

One of the main ways of gaining attention and boosting sales is through your website. Having an excellent online presence can help you gain more customers and improve your position in today’s competitive market. But you don’t just have to gain more attraction on your website, you need to figure out a way people would want to explore your website and stay a little longer. By associating your brand with an award winning web design agency, you will be able to understand how important it is for your business to have a good online presence. 


Even if you are working with the best software development company in UAE, you need to go through all the necessary aspects of a website development, so people don’t abandon your website later on. If you are unable to hold a user’s attention for a long period of time then, your search engine ranking will be directly affected. Here are some of the main reasons why people would want to leave your website without spending enough time. 


  • Slow loading speed 
  • Too many ads 
  • Not mobile friendly 
  • Content is complicated 
  • No navigation 
  • Your site is not secure 

Slow Loading Speed: 

If your website has slow loading speed then, no one would wait for it to properly load so they can start using it. In today’s fast paced world, everyone is looking for fast and convenient solutions, if your website fails to load then, users will abandon it and start looking for alternatives. Your site must load completely in the first two seconds after a user clicks on it, otherwise it will be abandoned. 

Too Many Ads: 

Another reason why a user might abandon your website is when they are constantly getting disturbed with pop-up ads. Showing ads on your website is okay, but you need to develop your site in a way that the ads showing on your website are on one side, not in the middle. Your ads must never be shown in the middle as a pop-up, this will make the users annoyed. 

Not Mobile Friendly: 

When you are developing a website, you need to make sure that it works on all sorts of browsers and is supported on different devices. Not everyone is going to access your website using a computer and not everyone is going to use mobile. You need to be prepared for everything. If a user is unable to access your device on their mobile phone then, they would not be interested in its content as well. 

Content Is Complicated: 

When a website’s content is too complicated and full of technical jargon then, users will not be able to understand it. A user would want to read the content in the simplest form. They would like to understand the content they are reading, but if your content is complicated or dull then, you would end up losing a potential customer.   

No Navigation: 

A person who is accessing your website would like to see a proper navigation system. Missing menu or search bar will irritate them and there is a possibility of them abandoning your website. To avoid that, you need to set up a proper navigation system that guides them properly. A cluttered website will create a negative image about your brand in the customer’s mind. 

Your Site Is Not Secure: 

Security concern is valid for every user. If a user even has a little doubt that your website is not secure then, they will most likely abandon your website and look for a more secure alternative. Which is why you need to build your website with the help of an award winni9ng web designing agency so there are no security issues on your website. 


Having a good online presence will always play a vital role in increasing your sales. But you must keep these key points in mind when you are developing your website, otherwise people are going to abandon your website and start looking for alternatives. To avoid this, you need to associate your business with a web developing agency that can help you understand the intricacies that go behind web development.