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Why Seek Professional AC Repair Service Oklahoma City

When it comes to air conditioning or HVAC systems, the best way to determine that you need a repair or replacement of any of its components is to contact an HVAC professional or AC repair Moore OK. This is especially important if you need to become more familiar with the complex operation of air conditioning.

To determine the problem(s) and need for equipment repair, you should seek advice and help from an AC repair service Oklahoma City since they are truly qualified for this job.

That being said, however, some signs can quickly and easily tell you that something is wrong with one of your units. If you experience the following signs or symptoms, you should immediately contact an AC repair Moore OK service.

Symptoms to take into account for AC repair service in Oklahoma City 

  • If your HVAC system won’t turn on, it’s time to contact a repair service. Suppose your air conditioning unit is not blowing or producing cold air but blowing room temperature or warm air. In that case, you should turn it off immediately and contact a qualified technician for AC repair Moore OK. Otherwise, it could cause significant damage and extra expense in repairs.
  • If your HVAC system starts dripping water from any of the indoor and outdoor units, then you should contact an air conditioning service technician immediately.
  • If your air conditioner has a significant buildup of ice in or around the unit or pipes that is not normal, you should contact an air conditioning repair service immediately.
  • If your air conditioning system smells terrible (such as plumbing), you should contact an air conditioning repair service immediately.

Risks of doing an Air Conditioning repair ourselves

Aside from the risk of personal injury or causing excessive damage to the unit, one of the biggest dangers of repairing yourself is the extra cost it may incur. Most people who try to do an air conditioning repair on their end up paying double or triple the cost they would if they went to a trained professional.

A trained professional from AC repair Moore OK, knows how to accurately repair your air conditioning equipment, which can save you hundreds of dollars. Additionally, most air conditioning repair services receive special discounts on parts you would need help purchasing. Therefore, it is always best to seek the services of a trained professional for AC repair service Oklahoma City.

Additionally, 85% of people who do, or attempt to do, their air conditioning repair will most likely have to repair their unit again within a few months.

Causes of a possible breakdown

We can always observe the symptoms and determine a possible breakdown, but if you need more knowledge, it is better to call technical service. However, the instructions below will surely help you, mainly to prevent future breakdowns.

In air conditioning, as in many appliances, the possible breakdowns are multiple, and the first thing we have to observe before anything else is the type of fault that our air conditioning has.

Lack of coolant

The first symptom of a lack of gas in our air conditioning is that it does not cool or heat enough or does not do so as in the beginning. If we go to the outdoor unit and touch the connection nuts (high and low), we will see that the two nuts are warm or hot (this depends on the lack of coolant) in addition to checking that the air expelled by the fan is at room temperature.

If you have a pressure gauge, we will first observe that the pressure in both the high and low zones is low. If we check the electrical consumption with an ammeter clamp, we will see that Electrical consumption is also lower than usual.

Well, to carry out the air conditioning repair we need to put a charge of gas in it and the best thing will be, if we need more means or knowledge, to call the technical service of our air conditioning.

Capillary or expansion valve obstruction

This breakdown is usually rare if the installer did his job well. These parts are generally clogged due to impurities in the circuit or humidity due to not performing a good vacuum. This moisture freezes and creates an ice plug.

Dirty internal filters or exchanger

This breakdown is the most common in air conditioning and for which many people desperately call technical service, unaware that this occurs due to not performing effortless maintenance on our air conditioning or cleaning the filters.

Dirty external exchanger

This breakdown is due to what we said in the previous one: poor air conditioning maintenance. The only thing that, instead of being the indoor unit, is the outdoor one that is dirty.

Bypass on the four-way valve.

This usually happens because the valve piston has become stuck and does not go one way or the other, sometimes hitting it with a screwdriver.


Having come this far, we can tell you that many times in air conditioning, we can find different breakdowns but with the same symptoms. Always check things with a professional AC repair service Oklahoma City.