XRP : What it is, Pros, Cons, Investing Tips, and Its Prices

What is XRP?XRP is a Cryptocurrency created by Ripple which helps all the banks and financial institutions to move or transfer money more quickly...


Dogecoin, which was made as a joke on the price fluctuation of cryptocurrency like bitcoin, is gaining popularity once again after it featured in futurama.

Dogecoin popularity is unstoppable after it has made its way to pop culture.Its recent performance on this widely viewed futurama show,traces the widespread reach of Dogecoin.

1.But why is there so much hype about Dogecoin these days:

The cast of the Futurama show goes to a city to explore crypto currency with the main focus on dogecoin mining, the city named as Doge city, the main source of income of residents of the city was crypto mining.

The featuring of Dogecoin in this show, has now put Dogecoin in line with Ethereum and Bitcoin, who have been featured in many Tv shows earlier. Earlier in 2021,Tesla founder Elon Musk made this coin famous by tweeting about it on tweeter and announcing the acceptability of Dogecoin for purchase of Tesla merchandise.

2.Before proceeding further we must know ,What are Dogecoin ? 

Here is everything you need to know about Dogecoin:

Dogecoin is peer to peer crypto currency, created by Billy Markus, Oregon and jackson palmer as a open source software, Dogecoin is a comic version  of crypto based currency like bitcoin. The name and logo is based on a meme of shiba inu dog. The coin uses the script programme language and is suitable for small transactions.

In 2021,Tesla founder Elon Musk ,tweeted about this meme coin and popularised it, which led to its price shoot up by 1000%.Unlike Bitcoin whose supply is restricted to 21 millions coins, Doge coin have unlimited supply. This makes Dogecoin inflationary in nature and also less attractive to investors as compared to Bitcoin. But in recent years Dogecoins are being widely accepted by merchants. Tesla founder Elon musk have tweeted many time for Dogecoin, he even accepted the payment in Dogecoin for purchase of some of Tesla merchandise.

FAQ’s regarding Dogecoin 

  • Is mining of Dogecoin different from Bitcoin?

The mining of Dogecoin and Bitcoin are similar however Dogecoin mining takes little less efforts to do so.while Dogecoin uses SCRYPT algorithm,Bitcoin Uses SHA-256 algorithm.SHA-256 is little more complex algorithm,which means that the computer will require more power to process and mine the bitcoin algorithm over dogecoin algorithm.Also bitcoin mining requires a specialised software as contrary to dogecoin which can be done by more affordable software.

  • How does doge coin work?

Dogecoin works on SCRYPT algorithm contrary to Bitcon which uses more complex algorithm.Working on peer to peer basis,it allows the decentralisation of value.however it is easier to mine dogecoin than bitcoin because halving is not done in dogecoin,so it is available in abundance and it easier and less time consuming to mine them.

  • How to buy Dogecoin?

Anyone can buy Dogecoin by following steps:

  1. Choose any crypto exchange

 Any reputed crypto exchange like Coin base,Binance andKraken

  1. Set up an account and perform verification

once the exchange is chosen,we need to setup an account and verify our identity 

  1. Deposit funds in the account

When the account is set up, you buy,sell or trade in dogecoin by depositing the funds in the form of cryptocurrency or fiat money.

  1. Find and buy Dogecoin

Once the fund is deposited ,you can buy and sell dogecoin.However the process may vary according to each exchange.

  1. Withdraw your Doge coin in your wallet.
  • Why is Dogecoin valuable?

In2021,numbers of tweets by Tesla founder Elon Musk caused a surge in market.It led to huge media coverage ane attention,as result it demands increased and led to its price rise by 1000% and it caused the apprehension among buyers to buy more dogecoin so they re not left out.however dogecoin is highly volatile currency and there is no guarantee to fluctuation of its price.