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Automotive Software Market Forecast 2023-2032: Overview, SWOT Analysis, Top Players , Type, Growth , Key Application

Automotive Software Market Overview:

The global automotive software market size is projected to expand at 20% CAGR from 2022 to 2030. MRFR’s report on the automotive software market comprises growth drivers, challenges, and trends on the industry for the forecast period (2022-2030). The COVID-19 pandemic and its implications are explored in depth in the market.

Automotive software has become a cornerstone of modern vehicle design, playing a pivotal role in enhancing vehicle performance, safety, and user experience. The automotive software ecosystem encompasses a wide range of applications, from embedded software controlling engine management systems and safety features to advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and infotainment systems. The integration of sophisticated software enables vehicles to adapt to changing conditions, optimize fuel efficiency, and provide advanced functionalities such as autonomous driving capabilities.

 The automotive software market is witnessing rapid growth as vehicles become more connected and technologically advanced. Continuous updates and improvements can be delivered over-the-air, allowing manufacturers to enhance vehicle features and address security concerns remotely. Moreover, the rise of electric and autonomous vehicles places a premium on software development for seamless integration of electric powertrains and the complex algorithms required for autonomous navigation. As the automotive industry continues to embrace digital transformation, automotive software remains a critical enabler of innovation, driving the evolution of vehicles towards smarter, safer, and more efficient modes of transportation.

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The Automotive Software Market has witnessed substantial growth in recent years, driven by the increasing integration of advanced technologies in vehicles. As automobiles evolve into sophisticated, connected systems, the demand for innovative software solutions has surged. Automotive software plays a pivotal role in enhancing vehicle performance, safety, and overall user experience. From advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and infotainment applications to autonomous driving software, the automotive software market is dynamic and diverse. Major players in the industry are continually investing in research and development to stay ahead in this competitive landscape, contributing to the rapid evolution of software solutions that cater to the evolving needs of both manufacturers and consumers.

One of the key factors fueling the expansion of the automotive software market is the rise of electric and hybrid vehicles. With the electrification trend gaining momentum, software is critical for managing battery systems, optimizing energy efficiency, and providing seamless integration between electric components and traditional automotive systems. Furthermore, the increasing emphasis on connectivity and smart features in vehicles has spurred the demand for software that enables communication between vehicles, infrastructure, and other connected devices. As the automotive industry continues to embrace digital transformation, the software market is poised for sustained growth, promising innovative solutions that redefine the driving experience and pave the way for the future of mobility.

Automotive Software Market Competitive Analysis

  • NXP Semiconductors (Netherlands)
  • BlackBerry (Canada)
  • Renesas Electronics Corporation (Japan)
  • Elektrobit (Germany)
  • NVIDIA Corporation (US)
  • Microsoft Corporation (US)
  • Airbiquity Inc. (US)
  • Green Hills Software (US)
  • Autonet Mobile Inc. (USA)
  • Wind River Systems

Automotive Software Market Scope

The global automotive software market is driven by improvement in four-wheelers and integration of information technology to enhance their features. Rise in sales of automobiles, adoption of driver assistance safety system, and demand for fuel-efficient vehicles. The use of software and its continuous improvement through feedback can lead to efficient systems.

Adoption of software solutions and services in the automotive sector, rise in purchasing power of customers in APAC and the Middle East, and the growing population can drive market demand significantly. Focus on development of automotive infotainment systems and declining prices of software can bode well for the market.

Connected services can allow car owners, fleet owners, and carriers to communicate through a common platform. Presence of Alibaba and Baidu coupled with a platform for connected cars can bode well for the market. Rising support for 5G and development of infrastructure to support connected vehicles in the APAC region coupled with measures to curb rising pollution levels can augur favorably for the market. Smart mobility projects and stringent emission norms can lead to demand of software for powertrain, infotainment, and other vehicle technologies.

But lack of standard protocols for development of automotive software may hamper market growth.

Automotive Software Market COVID-19 Impact

Players in the automotive industry are likely to invest in various digital technologies such as cloud, IoT, and AI to leverage on large volume of data generated and its potential in delivering customer experience. Automotive players are teaming with software developers for creating compatible solutions with associated hardware for ensuring customer excellence. Implementation of digital models for driving sales of cars is an instance of the potential of leaders offering software and solutions to auto makers.

Automotive Software Market Regional Analysis

APAC to Lead in Global Automotive Software Market Share

Asia-Pacific (APAC) is expected to take the lead in the global automotive software market owing to rise of automotive hubs in developing economies and increasing sales of connected vehicles. Rising production of electric vehicles, integration of safety features in EVs, and investments by public and private players for developing ICT infrastructure can drive market demand significantly.

Automotive Software Market Industry News

Qualcomm has signed an agreement with Renault for supplying semiconductors for powering the digital dashboard and vehicle infotainment system.

Automotive Software Market Segmentation

By Solution

  • Autopilot Software
  • Navigation Software
  • Entertainment Software
  • Car Safety Software

By System

  • ADAS & Safety
  • Body Control & Comfort
  • Powertrain
  • Infotainment
  • Communication
  • Telematics

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