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Evaluating Different Aspects and Opportunities Offered by BSC Hons in Biotechnology Degree

Biotechnology plays an important role in the lives of people on the whole. Students pursuing BSc Hons in biotechnology and higher degrees develop new solutions for producing GM or Genetically Modified crops as well as medicines.

This major field of science involves agriculture, medicine, and the environment. Students with such a degree help revolutionize it with newer and better innovations and create solutions that make meeting the challenges of time more effective.

Therefore, the potential and scope of this particular field are incredibly vast, thanks to its extremely commendable advancement. With such a wider scope and opportunities, it has brought significant positive changes both in the quality of life as well as the prospects for the students.

Reasons to Pursue

In simple words, the BSC Hons in Biotechnology course is very exciting by itself. It helps the students to develop a lot of skills, enabling them to make a distinct mark in the industry. Apart from this strong reason, the course also allows students to become scientists or researchers and discover new drugs, treatment procedures, and innovative therapies. 

You can make it equally big in the agriculture and food production sectors, creating solutions and food processes and products that will cause little or no harm to the environment. More importantly, you can work as an entrepreneur in these fields.

In addition to that, you will also get to make a handsome earning and career in other fields, such as:

  • Biochemistry
  • Genetics
  • Molecular biology
  • Protein engineering
  • Nanotechnology and

You can also go for higher studies in this field with your BSc, such as an MSc, PhD, or PG Diploma program.


The eligibility requirement is one important aspect to know to get admission to a college to study this course, just as it is important for any BSc colleges in Chhattisgarh. Ideally, a student must pass a 10+2 or equivalent exam from a recognized board with at least 60% aggregate marks. The list of compulsory subjects should include Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.

In addition to a good and proven academic background in your 12th grade from a recognized board, a few colleges may also want you to clear an entrance test they hold.

Skills Developed

A degree in BSc Biotechnology offers significant benefits to the holders. The course will develop skills to solve complex problems and create innovative solutions by combining technology and biology. In addition to that, you will also develop the necessary skills for life science to make your knowledge more comprehensive. You can apply this knowledge to develop new solutions for the Biotechnology industry, thereby revolutionizing the ways in which medicines and food products are produced today.

Your skill set will also involve genetics and molecular biology. With your skills in bioinformatics, you can also have a wider scope of specialization in biomanufacturing, bioprocessing, and bioremediation.

Job Periphery

Your degree in Biotechnology will offer you an excellent opportunity overall to work in different industries. This includes pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, medical research, bioprocessing and engineering.

Apart from that, your enhanced skills will allow you to work to ensure environmental protection, bio-safety, and risk evaluation.

If you go for higher studies after completing your BSc, you can also become a researcher for product development and even take up teaching as your profession.

Final Words

There are several good reasons to take up a BSc Hons in Biotechnology over and above the fact that it is a field that is evolving continually, thereby offering a lot of scope to the students due to their enhanced skill sets. Just make sure you choose a reputed college with a higher ranking and success rate to study.