Top Food Delivery Services Apps for Your Restaurant

In the modern age, necessity, along with convenience, is the mother of all inventions. Food delivery apps provide convenience and instant gratification, and that’s all we...
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Top Food Delivery Services Apps for Your Restaurant

In the modern age, necessity, along with convenience, is the mother of all inventions. Food delivery apps provide convenience and instant gratification, and that’s all we desire as modern dwellers. The food delivery services market is expanding rapidly, and as a result, we have many food delivery apps on the market.

Some of the top food delivery apps are HathMe, Zomato, Swiggy, EatSure, and Grab.

No matter what you are craving, at whatever time of the day, you have your favorite dish at your disposal, all thanks to online food delivery services.

Online food delivery platforms also help restaurant owners in various ways by helping them gain popularity and form a huge customer base. Therefore, it is important for them to analyze and decide which delivery service app will cater to their requirements and align with their values.

Here are the top food delivery apps you might want to try out:

  1. HathMe Food Delivery App

The HathMe food delivery platform is a new quick commerce platform that has recently been launched to cater to the needs of customers and restaurant owners. HathMe levies zero registration charges for merchants and provides them with free food delivery. The payment release is also sped up and is made accessible to them in only four days. If all of that was not enough already, HathMe only charges minimal commission rates, which would go up to 20% even at its highest. The commission rate is inclusive of GST.

HathMe is created in such a way that merchants are provided with everything so that they can take good care of customers’ demands. Customers get several benefits, like affordable pricing, offers and discounts, multiple payment options, live tracking, and a friendly user interface.

Enlisting your business on HathMe will prove to be very beneficial for you, considering that it will take care of everything for you at a very minimal investment cost.

  1. Zomato

Zomato is the torchbearer of the food delivery industry, and it goes without saying that it is also one of the best food delivery apps for restaurants to partner with. Zomato also offers a feature for restaurant discovery.

Zomato has over 1.4 million restaurants enlisted on the app, making it a little competitive for new restaurants. However, if a restaurant serves good food and has good services, it will soon start getting positive reviews from customers, making it a suitable choice for online food ordering. Zomato has a huge number of active users who drop reviews frequently, which is why it is important to have satisfied customers.

Zomato runs all over India and has a huge delivery fleet; hence, it is extremely convenient for restaurants to register with them.

  1. Swiggy

Swiggy has also turned out to be one of the major food delivery apps in India. It has a huge list of users and restaurants. These users are active, and they order frequently and drop feedback. These feedbacks help customers decide which restaurant to order from. Swiggy also has Swiggy Instamart for groceries and other necessary items.

Swiggy offers a whole array of benefits to its customers, making them stick to them. This factor of Swiggy benefits restaurants because these customers will order food from them if they have positive feedback.

  1. EatSure 

Do you have multiple restaurants? If you have many restaurants with the same name offering different items, then EatSure might be the most convenient choice for you. EatSure allows customers to place an order from multiple restaurants at once. This saves customers extra delivery charges that would have been required had they ordered each item separately.

EatSure has a very user-friendly interface, a wide variety of food items, multiple payment options, quick delivery, and live tracking.

  1. Grab

Grab was launched in 2013, and it was the first ever to offer tech-abled delivery solutions to businesses. Grab delivers a lot of other stuff along with food, like groceries, medicines, stationary items, and personal care items.

Grab has been delivering food to aggregators and restaurants for the past five years and has been successful in gaining the trust of merchants and customers.

Important factors to look out for while picking a food delivery partner app

  1. Customer Base: It is important to check if the food delivery platform you are thinking of partnering with has a large enough customer base. This will determine how much foot traffic your restaurant will have online.
  2. Diverse Customer Base: A restaurant needs to make sure they can cater to the diverse tastes of customers in the region.
  3. User-friendly Platform: You must take some time to go through the app and see if it is easy to navigate for customers.
  4. Customer Support: An ideal food delivery partner app must have an efficient and responsive customer care service.
  5. Commission fee: High commission fees may cut down a lot on your profits; therefore, one must check the commission rates of various delivery apps and make a wise decision.

Leverage online delivery services as much as you can

People of this era are highly reliant on online services to get their demands fulfilled. If business owners are not leveraging online services, then they are making a huge mistake. Switching your business to online mode will turn out to be very beneficial for your business and will increase your customer base.


one must keep oneself updated with the latest trends, and if everything is moving to online mode, we must move our business to online mode as well.

Download the HathMe app from the Google Play Store and enlist your business today for growth.