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Within the field of healthcare, medical research could be a beam of trust and headway, impelling inventiveness, progressing treatments, and inevitably changing patient care...
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Understanding the Connection: MHS and Duty of Candour

It is essential to acknowledge the fact that ethics of healthcare is a rather complex subject and attaining a degree of understanding which explain how duty of care relates to duty of candour. Duty of care focuses on healthcare personnel-patient relationship which covers assurance that each patient gets adequate and safe medical care. On the other hand, the duty may curtail into actions directed towards eradicating harm that occur and/or prioritizing patient welfare. Furthermore, the professionalism includes this ethical responsibility which entails being forthcoming and truthful with patients in the event of adverse events they may suffer during their care. Disclosing the events in a timely manner, giving the reasons, and making apologies where it is required all comes as part of it. The essence of the medical ethics is that these principles focus both directly and indirectly on patient welfare, and on the transparency in practicing the duty embodied in these principles. The code of conduct implies that professionals in healthcare field must act on the basis of selflessness, and keep this objective in mind that ensures them to speak about mistakes or complications if any arises. On the contrary to this, duty of candour especially reaffirms the idea of the integration of truth and honesty into the medical provision that is harmonious with the principles of duty of care. These together, they constitute a holistic blue-print that engages patient as the primary benefactor and nurtures trust between healthcare professionals and their patients.