What is MERN Stack? All You Need to Know

If you are looking for a technology stack for building modern web applications, MERN stack is a great option to consider.We’re 1 month through...
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What is MERN Stack? All You Need to Know

If you are looking for a technology stack for building modern web applications, MERN stack is a great option to consider.

We’re 1 month through 2024, and technology is advancing at next level. Businesses are adopting new ways of getting things done. All of them need to develop a software, a database layer, and an app to do that successfully. They need to choose a technology stack. One preferable full stack development stack is MERN. We’ll discuss more in detail, along with several reasons to pick. Keep reading.

Software Development comprises of frontend and backend development. Specialized developers handle one or both these verticals. A technology stack or a development stack is core to any project development. It comprises of a combination of tools and technologies including programming languages, libraries, frameworks, required to develop and deploy the application or system. It also includes programming languages, frameworks, databases, front-end and back-end tools, and APIs.

A development stack is a set of languages, libraries, IDEs, and tools (including OS, database server, and application server) used for application development. Development stacks are of two types: Technology stacks and application stacks. Examples of development stacks: MERN, LAMP, MEAN, RUBY on Rails, Django, Net Stack, MEVN, Serverless Stack, Frontend Tech Stack. These stacks can be used to create web and mobile applications. 

Here are some examples of technology stacks:

  • MERN: A set of JavaScript-based technologies used in the web application development process.
  • MEAN: An assembly of JavaScript-based technologies to develop complicated websites and web applications.
  • LAMP: One of the earliest stacks to be in use, LAMP stack involves the Linux operating system, Apache server, MySQL as its database, and PHP as its programming language.
  • Django: A top web development stack that uses Python, Django framework, Apache server, and MySQL for database management.
  • MEVN: A full-stack development solution that uses MongoDB, Express, Vue.js, and Node.js. It’s a popular choice for web application development.
  • Serverless: Can be used for full-stack development, allowing your enterprise to create end-to-end applications without having to manage servers.
  • Ruby on Rails: An open-source, object-oriented stack that uses Ruby, a dynamic programming language. It’s ideal for developing lightweight apps that enhance flexibility.
  • Flutter: One of the best tech stacks for 2021 because it facilitates cross platform app development.

What is backend of a web application?

The back end is the part of a website that users can’t see or interact with. It includes the code that runs on the server, receives requests from clients, and contains the logic to send the appropriate data back to the client. The back end also includes the database (MongoDB in case of MERN stack), which stores all of the data for the application. Third component of MERN Stack is ReactJS, which is a JavaScript library for developing user interfaces based on UI components. Last component of MERN Stack is Node.JS which is a JavaScript Runtime Environment that enables running JavaScript code outside the browser. 

What is MERN Stack and how does it work?

MERN is short for MongoDB + Express + React + NodeJS.

MERN Stack is based on JavaScript allowing developers to build frontend, backend, and server infrastructure for web applications. It is designed to make the development process easier and smoother by making use of single programming language and JSON document structure. It is a variant of MEAN stack that supports MVC architecture. It integrates with components, manages coding and upgrades, is better at rapid development of real time applications and is suitable for a wider range of web projects.

Components of MERN Stack

MongoDB: It is a NoSQL database that improves the capabilities of applications. It is good for handling large amounts of data in real-time applications.

Express.js: It is a Node.js web application framework that simplifies creation of scalable server-side applications. It fosters the development of RESTful APIs and enhances the overall performance of web applications.

React.js: Is a frontend JavaScript library with a component-based architecture to create interactive and dynamic user interfaces. It is used to create single page applications.

Node.js: Server side JavaScript runtime to allow developers to create scalable network applications.

In short, MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js are four components of MERN Stack. MongoDB, a NoSQL database, provides flexibility and scalability in handling data, while Express.js simplifies server-side development with its minimalist framework. React.js, a powerful JavaScript library, facilitates building interactive user interfaces with ease, and Node.js ensures efficient server-side execution, utilizing JavaScript on the server.

Is MERN frontend or backend?

Those who understand MERN will not ask this, but to illustrate it for beginners, MERN is a backend web application framework for Node.js. It is being used to create scalable web applications.

Which language is used with MERN Stack?

JavaScript is at its core; MongoDB acts as a database (heart of the application), ExpressJS handles the backend server functionality; React curates the frontend; Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment that allows developers to run JavaScript code on the server-side.

Which trends are emerging in MERN Stack Development?

  • The use of microservices architecturein application development helps full stack developers in creating modular and independently deployable services. 
  • Serverless architectureis cost effective and scalable.
  • Progressive web app developmentusing MERN Stack offers seamless user experience by combining best features of mobile and web applications.

Why is MERN Stack preferable?

All four technologies in the MERN stack make use of JavaScript making it a popular choice for developers who want to build full-stack web applications using a single language.

Also, Mern Stack takes care of frontend, backend, and database. An extensive community supports it. It can be scaled if required to handle large amounts of traffic. JavaScript demand is going to be on an all-time high. Full stack developers are in high demand. MERN stack makes use of JS to build the source code of a web application. It is open source and free to use.


For businesses seeking to leverage the advantages of MERN stack development, hiring a proficient MERN stack developer is pertinent. A skilled developer or a reputable MERN stack development company can effectively harness the capabilities of each component to create high-performance, feature-rich web applications that meet the demands of modern digital landscapes.