Experience the Thrill with Svitch XE Plus

Find out how the Svitch XE Plus makes your ride more thrill-packed at a high voltage, built uniquely as an electric bike to transform...
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Experience the Thrill with Svitch XE Plus

Find out how the Svitch XE Plus makes your ride more thrill-packed at a high voltage, built uniquely as an electric bike to transform not just riding but also enhance life. Its cutting-edge, contemporary design coupled with a sturdy motor gives Svitch XE Plus unparalleled performance not only in suburbia but also for thrill seekers during the weekends. Riding the Svitch XE Plus gives you an adrenaline rush whether it is in town or off-road, as this monster of a bike guarantees to deliver comfortable and thrilling rides.

Elevate Your Journey with Hero Lectro Ebikes


Enjoy the new level of riding the Hero Lectro Ebikes that are famous for premium quality and performance. Experience absolute convenience, no matter where you take your Hero Lectro Ebikes – from bustling city streets to rural scenic trails. Hero Lectro Ebikes are equipped with advanced features of ergonomic design that will ease your ride and help you reach new destinations without any difficulty.

Ride in Style with Being Human BH12 E Cycle


The Being Human BH12 E Cycle epitomizes style, sustainability, and social accountability. The BH12 E Cycle was created in partnership with Salman Khan, a professional cyclist who aims to make the world a better place through its design. The product is fueled by eco-friendly development, which empowers riders and, at the same time, gives them peace of mind since they know that their ambitions are noble because all green living forms part of it. Promoting The BH12 E Cycle can be your commuter or cruiser; it doesn’t matter as you will look stylish and yet very eco—friendly.

Innovative Technology for Unmatched Performance


As such, at our bicycle distribution centre, we aim to offer the latest electric bike technology related to developments in human desire and consumer needs. Our e-bikes come armed with powerful motors and premeditated batteries that bring unrivalled driving quality than perceivable. No matter if you are an experienced cyclist or have just started using electric bikes, you will be able to rely on us when it comes to our variety of Svitch XE Plus models as well as Hero Lectro Ebikes and Being Human BH12 E Cycle, regarding quality that is going above your expectations.


Tailored Solutions for Every Rider


We realize that no two riders are the same; one can have different preferences and a certain style of riding. That is the reason we provide a wide selection of electric bikes for everyone and any budget. Whatever your need for speed, comfort or sustainability, we have you covered with our choice of Svitch XE Plus Hero Lectro Ebikes and Being Human BH12 E Cycle. We have the solution you are looking for today; come to our showroom and pick a perfect electric bike so that your next adventure can be powered.

Unmatched Quality and Customer Service


Our bicycle distribution centre boasts of being the only distributor offering unparalleled quality and service to our customers. The minute you enter our showroom, a team of professionals is there exclusively to help you choose the best electric bike for your requirements. If you have any queries about our products or would like us to help with maintenance and repairs, we are ready for this. Feel the difference with eBykes by Urban and get your electric biking joy now!

Experience the Convenience of Electric Bikes


Ease through traffic and get to your destination in no time with our selection of electric bikes. No more struggle to find a park, no more traffic snarls – you can go through city streets swiftly by being on a Svitch XE Plus e-bike Hero Lectro Ebike or Being Human BH12 E Cycle.

Enjoy Eco-Friendly Commuting


Save the Earth’s environment on your daily commute by choosing our Hero Lectro Ebikes. By doing so, a reduced carbon footprint is achieved. By offering an ecological alternative form of transportation with zero emissions, our electric bikes are environmentally friendly while freeing you up to ride responsibly and have a positive impact on Earth.