Revolutionize Your Ride with Electric Bikes

Try this if you want to increase how much you like riding a bike. Low is, have a look at our high-tech electric bikes!...
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Revolutionize Your Ride with Electric Bikes

Try this if you want to increase how much you like riding a bike. Low is, have a look at our high-tech electric bikes! Our electricity bikes have sexy designs as well as stand out among others in terms of functionality unique to our motorbike competitor.

Experience the Future with Svitch XE

Out with the Svitch XE, our peak of e-bike technology, we go. The Svitch XE, a city commuter bike tailored to urban commuters, is stylish, comfortable and efficient, which is a mounting factor that affords an epic and unique riding experience. With Svitch XE as your new companion, you will never experience traffic jams again, instead, you get to have seamless trips every time.

Explore the Streets of Delhi on Your Electric Bike

Using our electric bikes in Delhi, you can Glide through the streets of Delhi with ease. With carbon-neutral propulsion and an intuitive cycling mechanism, our eBikes are environment-friendly and easy for urban people to use. It is a farewell to fuel costs and, instead, is environmentally friendly commuting.

Discover the Joy of Electric Biking

Electric biking is an exciting opportunity for riders to get on their bikes and briskly cover the distance in search of an endless source of joy and happiness. It’s not just about the city riding or country trips – Svitch XE Electric Bikes do the best job of combining power and performance both for the urban streets and off-road riding. Take your cycling up a notch with Urbane eBiCi.

Navigate City Streets with Ease

If you are exhausted from being caught in a traffic jam, then public transport is your best alternative. Coming to our Electra bikes, the ride through the city roads has never been more of a piece of cake. Whizzing in the traffic jungle is a piece of cake with our graceful e-bikes; the fancy agility and stunt versatility will make it easier for you to ride across narrow lanes and congested roads. Adios congestion; hola a emancipation!

Choose Sustainability with Electric Bike Delhi

Choose humanity by going forward with your decision on an electric bike, while making sure the Earth is not left behind. Lower the size of your carbon footprint for cleaner air across the city. What are the consequences of choosing an electric bike in Delhi instead of a conventionally powered motorcycle? You will make walking feel more interesting and help the planet at the same time.

Elevate Your Commute with Svitch XE

Plus, always stride on, Svitch XE. Since it is aligned with urban difficulties, Svitch XE is packed with efficiency and has unrivalled ability and performance. Whether you’re navigating the clogged streets or taking a cruise on a beautiful route, switch xe will make every single mile run smoothly.

Ride Smarter, Ride Electric

With Urban e Bykes, welcome to a new era of transportation. Feel the smart way of riding with our electric bikes that score on both performance and style without green being just a name. Get on board and take pleasure in the thug of e-biking.